150 citizens demonstrated in Liège against anti-Covid measures after the curfew

On Tuesday, 150 people gathered in the center of Liège and formed a procession which set off in the Cité ardente from the Place des Déportés.

“We organized this procession against the curfew and for solidarity-based health measures”, indicate the organizers.

The procession walked the streets of Liège, choosing a route and symbolic stopping times, “which represented some of the realities”. Thus, a stop and a speech by a caregiver in front of a medical center recalled the importance of “taking care” in good conditions. The demonstrators then crossed the Saint-Léonard district chanting : “Work, consume and go home”, “The city is ours, especially at night”, “Money, money for the public hospital”.

In front of the Town Hall, the speeches continued, in song in particular, also referring to the anniversary of the Yellow Vests on November 17.

Finally, until the end of the rue Léoplod, then the cathedral, passing by the footbridge of Outremeuse, the procession continued in music “with warm reactions from the balconies”. The last speech recalled “the diversity of invisible people – partly present – and the strength of our solidarity. Appointment is given in ten days”. (Editor’s note: Saturday November 28, Place Saint-Lambert at 9 p.m.).

At 11:20 pm, the Liège police indicated that the procession was “dislocated”, adding that “everything is back to normal”. There was no incident and no arrest.

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