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1,500 new employees are to take the pressure off

The postal union is sounding the alarm because of the high level of employee exposure. The number of packs has risen steadily recently. This morning there were 880,000 parcels, so Post boss Georg Pölzl on Ö1 radio on Friday. The employees are “at the limit”, said postal union chief Richard Köhler. Overtime would be “permanent”. At a crisis summit, the management has now promised to hire 1,500 new employees. According to Köhler, this has to happen “immediately”.

In the case of the listed, state-owned postal service alone, the volume of parcels is likely to increase by around 10 percent in the lockdown. With currently 800,000 parcels a day, this corresponds to an increase of 80,000 parcels per day, said a Post spokesman at the beginning of the week at the request of the APA. The Post was well prepared for such quantities, it was said at the time.

At Christmas 2020, Swiss Post had to distribute up to 1.3 million parcels a day at its peak. Even with shöpping, the Post’s online platform, a 10 percent increase in sales can be expected.

In the second quarter, Swiss Post delivered 56 percent of all domestic parcels and handled a quarter of the parcels that went abroad from Austria. According to the regulatory authority RTR, a total of 150 million parcels were delivered in Austria in the first six months of the year – that was 34 million more than in the first half of 2020. Austrians have now got used to shopping at the click of a mouse from their living room, judged Klaus Steinmaurer, department manager of RTR.

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