1,500 Taxi Drivers and Elderly Mass Vaccines

JAKARTA, investor.id – The participation and contribution of the private sector in accelerating the achievement of herd immunity against Covid-19 is a necessity. This step was taken by PT Blue Bird Tbk (BIRD).

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the DKI Health Office, this transportation company is implementing a vaccination program for the elderly and also the Bluebird Group drivers as the frontline in providing public transportation services.

No less than 1,500 people consisting of drivers and seniors from the Bluebird Group participated in the vaccination program carried out through the drivethru method. Vaccination activities are carried out at the Bluebird pool located on Jalan Mayjend Sutoyo, Jakarta, Friday (5/3/2021)

Apart from the driver, Bluebird Group also invites each driver’s parents (elderly) to participate in vaccinating. This step is also the beginning of the whole vaccination process, where it is hoped that by the middle of the year all Bluebird Group drivers will be vaccinated.

Plt. The Director General of Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Health, Maxi Rein Rondonuwu, expressed his appreciation to Bluebird Group for the initiative to collaborate with the Ministry of Health to carry out mass vaccination activities for the elderly and public transportation drivers.

According to him, this is in line with the government’s steps in placing drivers as the priority group for vaccination; so that the steps taken by Bluebird are believed to be very helpful for the government to reach herd immunity as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Bluebird Group Company Workers Union (SPPBG), Radjan Marzuki expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Ministry of Health and Bluebird Group for their concern for drivers.

“With the implementation of health protocols as one of the company’s operational standards, and with the initiation of Bluebird Group drivers who are vaccinated, we hope that passengers and especially loyal Bluebird Group customers will feel more safe and comfortable when traveling with our services,” he said.

Furthermore, the mass vaccination cooperation between Bluebird and the Ministry of Health was very well welcomed by Bluebird Group drivers considering the high mobility of the drivers in providing safe and comfortable transportation services to the public.

“We are very happy and enthusiastic, where we as drivers and our elderly parents are included in today’s vaccination program. The hope is that this will be a good start so that all Bluebird Group drivers can receive the vaccine, “added Marzuki.

After vaccination for the elderly and drivers which was carried out at the Bluebird pool on Jalan Mayjend Sutoyo, Jakarta, Bluebird is committed to continuing to explore the possibility of implementing vaccination activities for the elderly and drivers in other areas or cities, where Bluebird Group operates; which currently has served 18 major cities in various regions in Indonesia.

Editor : Mashud Toarik ([email protected])

Source: Investor Magazine


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