15,260 Extremadura companies have accessed ICO loans

82,423 wage earners and 5,350 self-employed in the region received some type of social benefit in the last month and 15,260 Extremadura companies have been able to access ICO loans

88% of the workers affected by an ERTE since the beginning of the pandemic have already entered the labor market.

82,423 wage earners and 5,350 self-employed have received some type of benefit from the Government of Spain during the month of October; To which should be added the 15,260 companies that have been able to access an ICO loan endorsed by the State. The measures adopted by the Government of Spain due to the pandemic have made it possible to increase the protection of the most vulnerable citizens, advancing in the objective of leaving no one behind.

During the past month of October, the SEPE has paid some type of benefit (unemployment, ERTE, etc.) to 82,423 workers, for an amount of 56.4 million euros; (Of these, 11,586 were workers under an ERTE, who have received a total of 6.1 million euros). Since April, accumulated spending on social benefits has amounted to 452.8 million euros, 174.1 million more than in the same period of the previous year, representing an increase of 38%.

In Extremadura, 88% of the workers affected by ERTE since the beginning of the pandemic have entered the labor market. Of the 39,889 affected as of April 30, the worst moment of the crisis in the whole of Spain, 4,722 workers remain in ERTE as of October 31. These data do not include the new ERTE figure of RDL 30/2020 of September 30, 2020.


Since the beginning of the crisis, 41,700 freelancers have received some type of benefit. Of these, 36,350 correspond to extraordinary benefits for termination of activity in force until June 30. From this date to October 31, 5,350 freelancers have received some benefit compatible with the activity (including seasonal freelancers).


As of October 31, in Extremadura, 22,524 operations have been approved, affecting 15,260 companies, for a guaranteed amount of 1,421 million euros, which has allowed them to access a total financing of 1,817 million.

Other measures

In addition, Extremadura is entitled to 8 million euros from the Extraordinary Social Fund (2.6% of the total) to minimize the social impact of the pandemic. The Community has provided 1.1 million dining grants that have covered 890 families. The moratorium for the payment of rents has been extended until January 31, 2021 and the cases to benefit from the social bond in the electricity supply have been extended until June 30, 2021.

On the other hand, Extremadura will be able to allocate 213 million euros of ERDF funds to health spending (6.6% of the national total).

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