1,540 € gross for a 6-day week: Unemployed reject it – economy

As AMS boss Johannes Kopf explained, there will be more unemployed with the expiry or a change in short-time work.

With the openings, the Economic aid for companies to be phased out. A total of 37 billion euros in funds has already been allocated to deal with the pandemic crisis. The lion’s share goes into the economy. But that could soon be over. Behind the scenes, the government is already working on a plan to let the Corona aid money run out.

The fact is: the unemployment rate is falling and the next easing is on the agenda at the beginning of June. As AMS boss Johannes Kopf explained in “ZiB2”, seasonal effects also play a role in addition to the openings.

“You have to consciously accept unemployment here”

The short-time working model is to be changed in July. “It’s about finding a way out of this funding. The exit will be a bit painful, you have to consciously accept unemployment here,” stressed Kopf.

The trade association proposed a job security bonus in this regard. For the period of one quarter, this is intended to support those companies that continue to employ their employees despite major losses.

Longer help in certain industries

As the AMS boss further explained, there are industries that need help for even longer, such as the city hotel industry. A Lufthansa board member recently stated that they had 20 percent too many staff. “It will be years before some industries come back to that level. And some workers will lose their jobs.”

According to your head, it depends on how you get out. He advocates that the unemployed should then be quickly placed elsewhere.

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Again and again, several agencies have called for higher unemployment benefits to 70 percent. Kopf rejects a flat increase. He advocated setting money higher at the beginning and then reducing it to one level after three months.

Several foreign languages, 6 days a week

AMS boss Kopf does not see any general unwillingness, and the offers are often not very attractive to say the least: “Just because someone does not want a certain position does not mean that you do not want to work at all.” Then he gave a vivid example from practice: “Recently, an entrepreneur complained that she couldn’t find one. But she offered 1,540 euros for several foreign languages ​​and a 6-day week. Gross.”

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