16 cocktail dresses, perfect for a summer style

How do they look perfect cocktail dresses for him summer? This is the question that we ask ourselves and that invites us to plan the ‘outfits’ ideales to attend all the commitments, celebrations and ‘soirées’ that begin to appear in our agenda.

Unlike formal dress, that we should use when the event indicates that it will be after the 5 p.m.the cocktail dress is more casual, prioritizing comfort and freshnesssomething crucial in the meetings to the free area.

Instead of sequins shiny, voluminous layers of tul or luxurious velvet… Now it is time to look towards the trending dresses full of charm, those dresses with pleats ideal for turning around and that are made in light cotton.

If you need inspiration, check out the latest parade of Christopher John Rogers. The designer has a gift for creating dresses that spark joy, perfect for outdoor celebrationsfrom very graphic rainbow stripes to floral explosion prints.

In the same vein, the most recent tory burch dresses they are also a great option; There you will find dresses with cut out and in color blockin lightweight party-worthy fabrics.

To make the search easier, we have selected some of the summer cocktail dresses more holidays below. So if you’re ready to RSVP, you’ll just need to purchase one of these 16 models:

Article originally published in US Vogue, vogue.com.

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