16 days against violence – Mistelbach

MISTELBACH. 29 women were killed in Austria last year. Most of them knew their future killer. One in five women is a victim of domestic violence. The women’s shelter in Mistelbach offers a protected space for those affected. “Currently we are fully occupied with seven women and nine children,” says the head of the house, Claudia Fath-Kuba, and continues, “if we have inquiries, we’ll try to organize a place in one of the other women’s shelters in Lower Austria.” In social work one is specialized in finding solutions.

On the one hand, the “16 Days Against Violence” campaign wants to sensitize society to the issue and show affected women that there is a way out.

More information can be found at
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16 days against violence

You can find out more about life in the women’s shelter and Claudia Fath-Kuba in this video.

The first step to a life without fear

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