16% of Girona’s SMEs would close if a third wave of Covid imposed more restrictions

Bad prospects for SMEs and the self-employed in Girona. The latest survey carried out this December by the employer Pimec to take the pulse of economic activity in Catalonia reveals that the consequences of the pandemic are taking a very high toll on the Girona business fabric.

16% of Girona companies surveyed believe that they should close if new restrictions are imposed in the event of a third wave. In fact, according to the employer, 19% of companies active in Girona do not have any type of activity due to covid.

The sector most affected is the hotel and restaurant sector. More than 40% of SMEs and the self-employed in this area have considered closing, says the employer.

With growing treasury tensions, 79% of companies in Girona will close 2020 with a decline in activity. The survey shows that smaller companies are the ones that have suffered the worst performance, with those in the city of Barcelona, ​​Central Catalonia and Girona having recorded the most negative evolution in recent months.

Looking ahead to 2021, the outlook is not too good. Only 27% of companies expect an increase in activity, while 28% believe that it will be similar to that of 2020, and 43% believe that their turnover will be even lower. Hospitality, catering and construction are the sectors that predict a worse evolution. By territories, Tarragona, Girona and the city of Barcelona are the ones that anticipate a more negative evolution of their activity. In the Girona counties, 44.5% of SMEs and self-employed respondents expect a decrease in turnover in 2021, 30% expect to increase it and 24% aspire to maintain the same level of activity as in 2020.

When nine months have passed since the beginning of the pandemic, 79.1% of the companies that have taken advantage of an ERTO, which allows them to keep their jobs without activity, assure that they will recover their workers at the end of the stipulated period. On the other hand, 20.9% see it as impossible and move forward as they will present an ERO, an dismissal file.

Faced with this situation, the president of Pimec, Josep González, has asked the central government for special treatment for SMEs that have to submit an ERO without having spent the six months now stipulated to keep the job, which obliges them, if the rule does not change, to return all bonuses received.

“If our request is not accepted, we will have a higher number of business closures and I don’t think we want that,” said González, who pointed out that SMEs have less capacity to withstand the crisis than large companies. dimensions.


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