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Marina Gazmanova, wife of the popular Russian musician Oleg Gazmanov, posted fresh photos on her Instagram account of children: 16-year-old Marianna and 22-year-old Philip. Netizens were fascinated by the artist’s daughter, because the girl grew up a real beauty.

Children are the best thing that happened to me in life. They are my best advisers and friends. I am that rock on which their passions and excessive emotions will break, I am a haven where they will be safe, because I love them unconditionally.

Marina Gazmanova

“What a natural beauty”, “It’s nice to look at beautiful and happy children”, “Marianne is a beauty”, “What are beautiful! How much femininity is in a daughter ”,“ You have a very beautiful daughter ”,“ Red-haired beauty ”, write compliments to the 16-year-old Marianna Gazmanova.

Recall Marianne – the only common child of Oleg and Marina Gazmanovs. Spouses played a wedding in 2003. They have sons from previous marriages: Gazmanov has a 39-year-old Rodion, Marina has a 22-year-old Philip, who bears the name of Oleg.


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