162 km moving 51 cm is “Bakemon” Shohei Ohtani’s silent fastball is “squid” | Full-Count

Alcantara struck out Walsh with a 162-kilometer two-seam

■ Marlins 2-1 Angels (6th Japan time, Miami)

The Angels lost four consecutive games against the Marlins on the 5th (6th Japan time). Debt has risen to a maximum of eight this season. In front of Marlins starting pitcher Sandy Alcantara, he was silent with 2 hits, 10 strikeouts and no score up to the 8th inning. Pitcher Shohei Ohtani, who participated in “No. 3 Designated Hitter”, also ended up with no hits in 3 at bats. Pitch analysts pay attention to the 101-mile (162-kilometer) two-seam that was thrown by the right arm, who won his ninth win of the season. Fans are surprised at the trajectory that suddenly slides to the outside corner of the left-handed batter, saying, “What is this way of turning at that speed?” And “What kind of movement?”

Alcantara greeted Walsh at bat in the 7th inning, 2nd and 3rd base with a 2-point lead. The 101 miles thrown from count 1-2 suddenly changed from the outside angle strike zone to the ball zone. He struck out and struck out. Rob Friedman, a pitching analyst known as “Pitching Ninja”, pays attention to this one pitch. He posted a video on his own Twitter account with the words, “Sandy Alcantara’s amazing 101-mile two-seam. It’s moving 20 inches.”

It seems that the fans were surprised at the one ball thrown by the 26-year-old right arm. “A ball that can’t be hit” “Egui man” “It should be physically impossible” “Bakemon” “It’s a little different dimension” “Like a Verlander at the peak” “This ball is crazy” “It’s impossible to hit” “It’s possible,” “should be illegal,” and “he’s not human,” lined up.

[Actual video]”What is this way of bending?” Shohei Ohtani D 162 km magic ball on the right arm that sealed the army batting line

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