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17 injured in an accident in Joquicingo remain hospitalized

The Government of the State of Mexico reported this Sunday that 17 of the 32 people injured in the accident last Friday in

, Malinalco, continue

and they receive medical attention in various hospitals.

Nine of the wounded They are hospitalized at the Adolfo López Mateos Medical Center and eight at the Doctor Nicolás San Juan General Hospital. The rest of the injured, who were being treated at hospitals in Tenancingo and Malinalco, have already been transferred to Michoacán.

Of the nine who are hospitalized at the Adolfo López Mateos Medical Center, a woman is very serious, one serious, two delicate and four stable, while a man, also treated in this hospital is serious.

Eight minors are in the General Hospital Doctor Nicolás San Juan, of which there are five girls and three boys; Two of them are very serious in health, one delicate and five stable.

Last Friday a passenger bus, which had left Michoacán and was heading to the Sanctuary of the Lord of Chalma, crashed into a house, leaving 20 people dead in Joquicingo.

Prosecutor’s Office corrects the death toll in Joquicingo to 20

Staff of a municipal hospital reported a deceased in another accident as part of the victims of the accident of Joquicingo, which is why the Edomex Prosecutor’s Office corrected the death toll to 20 after the impact of a passenger bus against a house.

The correction came after authorities announced on the night of Friday, November 26, that the death toll from the spectacular accident in Joquicingo it had risen to 21; It was until this Saturday that

local media
announced the correction of the number of fatalities by the Prosecutor’s Office.

The bodies of the accident victims in Joquicingo, They have already been handed over to their relatives and the legal procedures were carried out at the premises of the Prosecutor’s Office in Tenango and Tenancingo, according to what was reported by the Edomex Prosecutor’s Office on social networks.

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