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Recently, in the women’s 100-meter hurdles competition at the National Games, a beautiful and high-looking girl born after 00 attracted the attention of many spectators. In addition to calling her “female version of Liu Xiang”, everyone called her “shen face” and ” It’s so beautiful.”

According to mainland media reports, the 100-meter hurdles contestant is named Xia Sining, born in 2003, 18 years old, 170cm tall, from Shaoyang, Hunan, with big eyes and exquisite facial features. The strength should not be underestimated.

Xia Sining has been training with the track and field coach since the first day of the junior high, and her father was also a member of the Shaoyang track and field team. She is very athletic and has learned dance in her childhood. She has good flexibility and coordination, which has laid a good foundation for hurdles. Although compared with other athletes, Xia Sining started late, but after hard training, she still achieved good results, including the 2017 National Middle School Student Track and Field Championships in the women’s 100m hurdles champion, when she practiced hurdles for only 3 years.

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Since then, Xia Sining, who is only 16 years old, won the World Middle School Student Track and Field Championships Women’s 100m Hurdles in 2019 with a good score of 13.53. In the same year, he also won the Women’s 100m Hurdles at the Second National Youth Games and broke the national youth record. . The proud achievements were dubbed “Hurdles Genius” and “Female Liu Xiang” by netizens.

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In the National Games this time, she, who participated in the senior hurdles competition for the first time, missed the final with 13.49 seconds, but she has a bright future at a young age. She was also admitted to Beijing Sport University this year and is expected to achieve another success.

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