181 Garuda Indonesia pilots were laid off

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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Chairperson of the Association Pilot Garuda (APG) Capt Bintang Muzaini mentioned 181 pilots Garuda Indonesia affected by termination of employment (Laid off) as of June 1, 2020. He said his association had expressed objections to the company’s decision.

Because the decision and news of layoffs delivered suddenly, not in accordance with statutory provisions and employment contracts. Muzaini conveyed that a new layoff letter was delivered by Garuda Indonesia management the day before the weekend, on May 29, 2020.

“That was midnight 23.39 WIB, which was targeted to be stopped on June 1,” he told CNNIndonesia.com on Tuesday (2/6).

“Only 3 times 24 hours notice and on long holidays Saturday, Sunday, Monday. What should have been in our contract is 30 days or there are more that are up to 90 days, that is also not in accordance with statutory regulations, “he added.
He added that layoffs at Garuda were not only targeting new or junior pilots. Layoffs are also targeting senior pilots with longer flight experience.

Yet according to him, the pilots were still eligible to fly and support the company’s operations ahead of the normal period. “That is all the seniors, our best pilots,” he said.

The Garuda Indonesia airline decided to expedite the completion of the work contracts of their pilots who worked with the status of a certain work relationship. Garuda Indonesia President Director Irfan Sebuahutra said the policy was carried out as a further step that the company needs to take to reduce the pressure caused by the spread of the corona virus.

The acceleration is also done in order to harmonize the availability and demand (supply and demand) aviation operations which were greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“Through the completion of the contract, Garuda Indonesia continues to fulfill its obligations on the rights of pilots according to the validity period of the contract,” Irfan said as quoted by his statement on Tuesday (2/6).

Muzaini said that to overcome the problem, his party was still trying to discuss with management.

“Because yesterday it suddenly returned and according to our study it was not in accordance with the existing laws and regulations and not in accordance with the contract,” he told CNNIndonesia Tuesday (2/6).

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