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The PlayStation 5 (PS5) released on November 12, 2020 is also celebrating its 1st anniversary this month. The PS5 is still difficult to obtain due to lack of stock, and it is still difficult to obtain it only by lottery sales, but in February next year, big titles such as “Horizon Forbidden West” and “ELDEN RING” are scheduled to be released. There are many people who are worried about participating in and purchasing this year-end and New Year lottery due to the fact that it has been done and bonuses for Christmas and winter.

I got the PS5 in March of this year and have been touching it for more than half a year, even though I failed in the lottery several times. So, this time, I would like to share with you my impressions of touching the PS5. The author has the regular version. Please note that this is not the digital edition that the new model was introduced in July.

PlayStation 5 (CFI-1100A01)

■ The first thing that surprises me is the size of the main body

Speaking of PS5, the high specs such as high image quality and high speed loading are talked about, but the first thing I was interested in after purchasing it was the size of the main body. Even before the release, the main body, which is larger than the PS4, has been talked about and was said to be an “air purifier”, but the real thing was larger than I imagined and it was necessary to make a place to put it (I made it when I won the prize) I should have kept it …). So, if you are going to buy it, you should think about where to put it.

By the way, it seems that the main reason for the size of the body is that the space around the exhaust heat such as the heat sink and fan takes up space. By taking up space for these, it is very quiet even if the main body gets hot, contrary to the size of the main body, and I rarely notice the sound of the fan. Regarding the sound, it seems that it will be different in the digital edition, but as far as I can hear, it seems that both the new model and the old model do not sound.

■ As rumored, performance exceeding expectations

By the way, regarding the PS5 specs that I’m curious about, the high image quality of “ray tracing” and the high-speed loading of the SSD were more than I expected. Regarding the image quality, the author thought, “The image quality of the game is quite good at the time of PS4, and even if it goes further up from here, it may be faint …”. However, when you actually play the game, the reality of the light reflected on the glass and the water surface and the shadows that are generated is tremendous, and you can taste the different atmosphere and atmosphere more clearly in each scene, as advertised. It was possible to taste the “real feeling” of.

I’ve played games like “Returnal” and “DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT” so far, but in “Returnal” I was worried about the dark and damp atmosphere of the early stages, and “DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT”. Then, I was impressed by the image of the light reflected on the water.

The author made his PS5 debut with “Returnal” except for the trial version.The expression of the gloomy world view was wonderful

In addition to being realistic, it is also attractive to be able to play at a maximum of 120 FPS, but personally, PS4 games can be played at 4K & 60 FPS as long as they are compatible, and the operation was stable even in situations where processing seems heavy. Was a good impression. Also, the loading time is as long as 3 seconds, which is comfortable. Since the loading is completed in an instant, I can continue playing without losing the immersive feeling due to scene changes.

At DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT, I was overwhelmed by the graphics that evolved from the PS4 version.

Storage capacity is a little uneasy in terms of specifications. Due to the large capacity of the game, it will fill up quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures such as diligently organizing games and adding storage.

■ Experience the performance of the controller first in “Astro’s Playroom”.Performance beyond expectations

As mentioned above, PS5 is pursuing a realistic feeling, but the dedicated controller “DualSense” also has “haptic feedback” that changes the way the controller vibrates according to the situation of the game, and the weight of the trigger according to the situation. Features such as the changing “adaptive trigger” add to the immersive feel of the gameplay.

Before I bought it, I thought that “haptic feedback” would “vibrate violently when shooting”, but when I actually touched it, in many games it was in concrete, snowy roads, wind, and rain. I was surprised that the vibration changes according to the moving terrain and the surrounding environment. In addition, the “adaptive trigger” not only became heavy when hitting a gun, but also functioned as an expression of the “load” applied to actions such as movement.

“Astro’s Playroom” is pre-installed on PS5 as a demo game that conveys the characteristics of these controllers. Although this game is free, it conveys the characteristics of “Dual Sense” firmly, so if you get a PS5, I would like you to play it first. The vibration transmitted to your hand and the weight of the trigger can only be touched.

The “Dual Sense” is a little bigger than the PS4 controller, but it fits in your hand, so I personally don’t get tired even if I have the PS5 controller for a long time.

■ Flat-rate service is also attractive

In addition, flat-rate services such as “PlayStation Plus” and “PlayStation Now,” which were attractive on PS4, are still available on PS5. Also, with “PlayStation Plus”, you can use the “PS Plus Collection” as a privilege for PS5. Here you can enjoy 19 famous PS4 titles at no additional charge. Not only can you play famous titles such as “BIOHAZARD 7” and “Bloodborne”, but you can also play with PS5 load time and high frame rate.

Of course, even with PS5, the attractiveness of services such as “PlayStation Plus” and “PlayStation Now” as before is still the same. Three free play titles will be added to “PlayStation Plus” every month, and monthly pickup titles and hundreds of games can be played on “PlayStation Now”. Personally, I was surprised that recent PSN pickup titles include masterpiece titles such as “The Last of Us Part II” and “Red Dead Redemption 2.” As long as you don’t stick to new titles, it seems that you can have a fulfilling gamer life just by using these services (although I can buy new titles that interest me without hesitation … lol).

“PlayStation Plus” is 850 yen for 1 month, 2150 yen for 3 months, and 5143 yen for 12 months. “PlayStation Now” is 1180 yen for 1 month, 2980 yen for 3 months, and 6980 yen for 12 months. “PlayStation Plus” is required to subscribe to play online multiplayer on PS5.

19 famous PS4 titles can be played in the PS Plus collection

■ The biggest difficulty is shortage

The specifications of PS5 are perfect, and the unique function of the controller is attractive. There is no doubt that it is a “buy” game hardware for me, as it is not only a simple game console with improved specifications, but also a hardware that provides an unprecedented next-generation game experience. Especially for those who want to play the latest games, but it’s hard to buy hundreds of thousands of expensive gaming PCs, I would like you to consider purchasing the relatively cheap PS5.

However, even if you want it, the supply is still not catching up with the demand, and it seems that the biggest difficulty of PS5 is “shortage”. I think that some people continue to fall into the lottery and are withered, but I would like you to challenge the lottery while checking the information without giving up. I feel that PS5 is worth it.

PlayStation 5 (CFI-1100A01)


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