1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine 36.5 million people 71.7%… 43% complete

A citizen is being vaccinated. [사진 / 오훈 기자]

[시사포커스 / 이청원 기자] 71% of the domestic population completed the first dose of COVID-19 vaccination, and 43% of them completed the vaccination.

According to the Central News Agency on the 22nd, about 22.17 million people have been vaccinated in Korea so far, 43.2% of the total population. appear.

In particular, 92.1% of those in their 50s or older and 73.5% of young adults aged 18 to 49 completed the primary vaccination.

In addition, the reservation rate of those subject to advance reservations for young adults aged 18 to 49 has closed at 72.3%, and considering those who have already received the vaccination or made a reservation for another target group, it is expected that approximately 84.4% of the population will participate in the vaccination so far. .

In addition, as a result of the analysis of the status of adverse reaction reports due to vaccination, 242656 cases were reported as adverse reactions out of a total of 57.18 million cases of COVID-19 vaccination so far, with a report rate of 0.42%. maintained at a low level.

Of the reported cases, general adverse reactions such as muscle pain and headache were 95.9% and serious adverse reactions were 4.1%, and the reported rate by vaccine was 0.51% for AstraZeneca vaccine, 0.35% for Pfizer vaccine, 0.51% for Moderna vaccine, and 0.58% for Janssen vaccine. .


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