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The phrase “men and women are different” is not only reflected in the appearance of the body: different genders, the human body also has different reactions to unhealthy lifestyles. The study found,sedentaryandhigh sugar dietThe harm to men is greater in a short period of time.

When people reduced their daily step count from 10,000 to 5,000 steps over ten days while drinking six cans of sugary drinks a day. What will happen?

In a new study published in the medical journal “Endocrinology”, 36 healthy young men and women who participated in the experiment arranged their lives according to the diet and activity mentioned above. After ten days, only the boys suffered from high Sugar drinks and a sedentary lifestyle emergeinsulin resistanceand a drop in a hormone called Adropin.[1]

The conclusion of the study is that the high-sugar and low-exercise lifestyle caused byinsulin resistanceDevelopment, presenting gender differences: Men are more susceptible to this unhealthy lifestyle than women.

Insulin is one of the hormones that affect blood sugar. When the original insulin concentration becomes less effective in lowering blood sugar, it is called insulin resistance, which is the cause of type 2diabetesa feature of .

Adropin is mainly secreted by the brain and liver, but can also be produced in peripheral tissues such as the heart and gastrointestinal tract. Adropin has many effects: including helping to regulate body weight, glucose and lipid homeostasis, and maintaining cardiovascular system function. Obesity, aging and insulin resistance can reduce Adropin levels.[2][3]

You Nengjun, director of You Nengjun Clinic, pointed out that Adropin is affected by estrogen in women, and young women have relatively strong estrogen secretion, so they can secrete more Adropin.Nevertheless, if young women do not maintain good habits of diet and activity in daily life, they will also develop insulin resistance, type 2diabetes

In his outpatient clinic, there are 10- and 12-year-old girls who gain weight due to bad living habits, and eventually lead to type 2 diabetes at a young age.

You Nengjun also observed that before the age of 55, there are more men with diabetes, but after the age of 55, the proportion of women with diabetes is higher than that of men. He pointed out that developing healthy living habits should start at a young age.

Cai Xiuchun, a professor at the Institute of Sports Science of Taipei City University, also said that women should not drink drinks with confidence because artificial sweeteners can also cause excessive contraction of the uterus.

A study from Taiwan found that if pregnant mice were continuously given the artificial sweetener acesulfame potassium (Ace K), which is equivalent to the sweetness dose of drinking 2 cans of zero-calorie cola per day, it was found after 2 months that acesulfame potassium (Ace K) Potassium esters increase intrauterine pressure and oxytocin-induced contractions. Hypercontraction of the uterus can lead to the risk of premature birth, endometriosis and dysmenorrhea.[4]

Cai Xiuchun reminded that many drinks now do not add real sugar, but high fructose syrup or sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners can cause the uterus to contract excessively. (Shutterstock)

Men and women have different fat distribution and are more likely to have insulin resistance

It has been found that men and women are really different. Young women are protected by estrogen, and the incidence of cardiovascular disease before menopause is much lower than that of men. However, postmenopausal women have a higher incidence of osteoporosis than men.

There are also differences between men and women for problems such as obesity and metabolic syndrome that are common in modern people.

Cai Xiuchun said that the fat distribution of men and women is different. Men’s body fat is mostly concentrated in the abdomen, so men have more visceral fat. Women have more subcutaneous fat.

Abdominal obesity is considered a major risk factor for metabolic syndrome, and insulin resistance is significantly associated with the degree of abdominal obesity.[5][6]

A German study published this year in the scientific journal Biology of Sex Differences found that even with similar body mass index (BMI), men have higher abdominal obesity indicators such as waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio than women. Among obese people, the prevalence rate of metabolic syndrome is also 67.6% in men, which is higher than 45% in women[7]

In addition to storing energy, human fat also secretes hormones, including important hormones such as adiponectin and leptin. Adiponectin improves insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control, while leptin suppresses appetite.Generally, women have significantly higher levels of adiponectin and leptin than men[8][9]

However, men should not be discouraged by this. Cai Xiuchun pointed out that with the same weight training, men can gain muscle faster and can develop more obvious muscle lines. Because men have androgen and more bone mass than women, they can bear a greater load when doing weight training. At the same time, men have more fast muscles, and explosive training is more effective.

Increasing muscle helps to consume fat, and muscle can also regulate the homeostasis of glucose in the body: 80% of glucose in the blood is extracted and utilized by muscle[10]

What are the types of retraining and what are their advantages and disadvantages?  (Shutterstock)
With the same weight training, men gain muscle faster and can develop more obvious muscle lines. (Shutterstock)

Combining weight training with cardio Fat lossHelps regulate blood sugar

Insulin resistance is a common phenomenon, and people with insulin resistance are generally accompanied by overweight. You Nengjun and his research team found that “Fat lossThe effect on regulating blood sugar is three times that of long muscle.”

If you want to lose fat, improve insulin resistance and obesity, exercise is the best way. However, the progression of the disease generally has a process, and it will take a certain amount of time to reverse it. But if you take immediate action to make positive changes, there will always be changes in your body. It takes half a year to a year or even two years to achieve normal blood sugar and body fat loss through exercise. After the reversal, we must work hard to maintain the health of the indicators.

People can first adjust by reducing sedentary and increasing walking. But walking alone is not enough, you need to combine weight training and cardio.

Body muscle mass declines with age, but strength training builds muscle. Cai Xiuchun pointed out that women have more slow muscles and are more suitable for long-distance and high-repetition muscle strength training. For example, increasing the number of dumbbell lifts, rather than increasing the weight of the dumbbells, is more beneficial for women to build muscle.

Aerobic exercise increases Adropin.Prolonging the time of aerobic exercise helps maintain good metabolism, reduce fat, improve body posture and blood sugar metabolism[11]

You Nengjun suggested that the time ratio of aerobic and weight training should be at least 2:1, and no matter what kind of exercise, it is best to increase a certain amount of exercise every 2 weeks.

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