2 Malaysian banks leak ApplePay image spread to become the second country in ASEAN

Two Malaysian banks have released an advertisement for ApplePay payment service, but it has since been removed. will become the second country in ASEAN after Singapore

Today (8 August) reports the news that Two Malaysian banks have released an advertisement image. to the service of a payment system called Apple Pay (ApplePay) via mobile phones, iPhones, including Maybank and Ambank But it turns out that both banks have removed the advertising material from the online system. Only a few hours after being published

Earlier, news about Apple Pay service in Malaysia came from a Twitter user who took a screenshot of Ambank’s SMS. Sent to customers on July 22, it says you can now use Apple Pay with your card. by tapping and paying or on the website through the Safari browser and ordering through the application with additional links But the bank declined to comment on rumors and market speculations. ready to express our condolences for the inconvenience caused

Apple Pay, launched on October 20, 2014, is a system for storing credit, debit or prepaid cards on the iOS wallet application on the iPhone. And WatchOS on Apple Watch can be used in stores that have a supported EDC swipe card by clicking the side button twice, scanning your face (Face ID) or scanning your fingerprint (Touch ID) and touching your mobile phone. at the EDC machine in seconds.

in the Asia-Pacific region It was found that ApplePay can be used with financial institutions in 9 countries/territories: Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Kazakhstan, New Zealand and Singapore. The ApplePay service will actually be the 10th country/territory in the Asia-Pacific region. and is the second country in the ASEAN region after Singapore

for Thailand Although some banks accept credit card (EDC) machines that support ApplePay to cater to international travelers. But no financial institution or card issuer provides the service. Only Thai people residing or working abroad to have the opportunity to use it from a bank card or card issuer country of origin, such as the United States, England, EU countries, Australia, etc.

However, some Thais choose to apply for a card from a foreign service provider. to be used in Thailand By agreeing to pay card issuing fees and expensive shipping fees. While using it, you have to pay a top-up fee. and the risk of being suspended by the service provider at all times While the movement of ApplePay service in Thailand, so far there has been no progress. In spite of Thailand’s current growth in the use of electronic payment systems (e-Payment), especially PromptPay systems.

As for card usage on mobile phones in Thailand The technology is similar, only the ShopeePay Card is a MasterCard. issued by TMB Thanachart Bank But it can only be used for Android mobile phones that have NFC support. Samsung Pay service has been canceled in Thailand since January 1, 2022.

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