News 20 firefighters called to put out a small fire...

20 firefighters called to put out a small fire caused by homelessness


A total of 20 firefighters belonging to the two fire brigades in Funchal (Sapadores and Voluntários) were called in this evening to combat a small fire outbreak in a building that is apparently under construction, namely in Rua do Ribeirinho de Baixo (next to Anadia ), with the ‘peacekeepers’ eventually extinguishing the fire.

The mission turned out to be less serious than it appeared at the first indications, given that the smell of smoke was triggered by the fact that some indigents had burned cards that were inside that place.

For this occurrence, a total of 11 elements were channeled by the Sapadores Firefighters of Funchal, while the other nine belonged to the Madeiran Voluntary Firefighters. Auto tanks, ambulances and even vehicles with elevating means were present in this artery, causing a great apparatus and closing the street momentarily.

However, the Public Security Police (PSP) Rapid Intervention Brigade (BIR) was also requested and some elements of this force entered the building to try to intercept the indigent.

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It is recalled that about a year ago, more specifically on February 23, 2019, a group of five homeless people allegedly set fire to the Insular de Moinhos building in Funchal.



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