News 20 minutes - Has Laura's partner pinched out of...

20 minutes – Has Laura’s partner pinched out of corona fear?


The whole world stands still. Only at RTL celebrities continue to dance cheerfully every Friday evening. Sweat and tears flow. Keyword droplet infection.

It is understandable that most of the participants are not particularly enthusiastic about having to take part in the party during the corona pandemic. But the makers stubbornly stick to the continuation of the show. Singer John Kelly (53) already took off his hat last week. He wanted to be with his family.

Yesterday the next bad news: Chris Polanc dropped out! Wendler’s friend Laura Müller’s professional dancer and partner jumped off at the last moment. Right at the beginning of the program, moderator Daniel Hartwich announced: “Christian is now sick due to illness!”

The absence of the 41-year-old immediately caused speculation among the audience. Because in advance, many candidates and professional dancers had expressed their displeasure that the risk of infection at the show was simply too high. So did Polanc pinch, want to set an example? Or is he really really sick? And if so, maybe he caught the dreaded virus? Questions over questions that remained unanswered.

Dance partner Laura Müller (19) did not have time to ask these questions. According to information from «», she was only informed of Polanc’s absence a few hours before the performance. Professional dancer Robert Beitsch (28) stepped in for him. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, Müller made it into the next round. By contrast, Sükrü Pehlivan (47) and Alona Uehlin (30) were eliminated. Swiss audience favorite Luca Hänni (25) is also on board.




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