20 minutes – “I have rarely seen so many people outside”

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If there is an accident, the hospitals are already overcrowded and understaffed, you also have to think about it before going out. This remark by a resident of the Valle de Joux (VD) overshadowed by the massive outing of bikers on Saturday at the Marchairuz (VD) reflects the feeling of many citizens, apart from seeing the crowds of days before Covid-19 outside. Even in the middle of summer, I have rarely seen so many motorcycles here, indignant one Internet user.

According to Florence Frei, communications officer for the Vaud cantonal police, some 188 order fines were issued in 24 hours between Saturday and Sunday. In the same time period, 11 denunciations to the Public Minister were pronounced. The 188 fines this weekend constitute a record for the cantonal police since March 13, the date from which the Federal Council began to take increasingly bold measures to stem the spread of the coronavirus in Switzerland. Lausanne police say 31 fines were issued on Saturday. The majority of the fines are linked to non-compliance with social distancing. There were a few people by the lake but that had nothing to do with the pre-coronavirus situation, said the picket press officer.

Even if the coronavirus kills people, life goes on. It was sunny. I take this opportunity to go out strong with my two children and my friend. We believe a lady who, after having glared at us, started screaming because, according to her, we did not respect the safety distance, indignant Michle *, a Vaudois quadra.

My wife and I were surprised to meet a lot of people during our stroll on Saturday. Between families, groups of friends and cyclists who believe they are at home, the police must come to small villages also to uphold the law, plague Gilles, another Vaudois …

The parking lot was full

The Creux-de-Van site, straddling the cantons of Vaud and Neuchtel, also attracted people on Saturday. The parking lot was full. It is as if people had not seen the images that come to us from Italy and Spain, laments Alain, a Neuchtelois walker.

Here Bern, people do not respect the standards of the FOPH. Saturday was worse. I make remarks but my neighbors do not take them into account, laments a mother of Bernese family.

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