20 minutes – It’s raining compliments for «No Time To Die»

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Billie Eilish released the theme song for the 25th James Bond movie on Friday night. She and her older brother Finneas (22) wrote the four-minute ballad “No Time To Die” together. The song is about hopelessness, despair and disappointment.


Are you going to watch the James Bond film “No Time To Die”?

Billie is accompanied by an orchestra in her Bond theme song. The musician is following in the great footsteps of artists such as Adele (31), Madonna (61) and Paul McCartney (77).

This is how the new Bond theme song “No Time To Die” sounds. (Video: Youtube / Billie Eilish)

The reactions on the internet show: Many have respect for the 18-year-old. Under the Youtube video for the song, a user gets 800 likes, who compares himself with the singer for fun: «Billie at 18: writes the new James Bond song. Me at 18: put a fork in the microwave. »

Eilish also gets a lot of respect for the song on Twitter.

For example, from this user: «Billie and Finneas, you conquer the world!»

This fan even goes so far as to call the song the best Bond theme song ever: “‹ No Time To Die ›is out of this world.”

He is not alone in this opinion. The user tweeted that the song was the “BEST!” And the “EMOTIONALSTE!” That was ever written.

Twitter user @saifrahmanur compares the title tune with Adele’s “Skyfall”. Because “even if ‘Skyfall’ has a special place in my heart, ‘No Time To Die’ makes me feel in a very specific way”.

This user too overwhelms the musical siblings with praise. “I never know what to expect from the two, but it’s a damn masterpiece every time.”

Billie in the fast lane

Around two weeks ago, Billie Eilish won four Grammy Awards. In addition to the categories “Best Album” and “Recording of the Year”, she also won “Song of the Year” and “Best New Artist”.

Billie’s fourfold victory will be remembered for a long time in the music industry: she is the first artist since 1981 to win all four categories in one year.




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