Entertainment 20 minutes - Norman finally reveals his daughter's first...

20 minutes – Norman finally reveals his daughter’s first name


The patience of Norman Thavaud fans has been rewarded. A year after announcing on Instagram that he had become a father, the 32-year-old Frenchman announced his daughter’s first name.

In caption of a photo showing him with his partner and their baby behind a big cake, the youtubeur wrote: already 1 year ago that it lights up our life. We are so proud of her (she already speaks 5 languages) and despite the confinement, we celebrate with dignity! Happy birthday Bianca.

Norman has never really strained on his private life, and even less on that of his daughter. He had soberly announced the birth of little Bianca on March 31, 2019 by sharing a photo showing him with a stroller. Good friends, new active life. Thank you for all your messages and this torrent of love. My new family and I are on a little cloud, he said.

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