Entertainment 20 minutes - Online petition requests Heard to be...

20 minutes – Online petition requests Heard to be kicked out


A petition on Change.org against Amber Heard goes viral. The actress is said to be excluded from the cast of the upcoming blockbuster sequel “Aquaman 2” after a stressful audio file was leaked last week.


Did you see “Aquaman”?

That’s how it’s done: Install the latest version of the 20-minute app. On the home screen, tap the three strips at the top right, then tap the gear. At the bottom of «Themes», slide the bar on «People» to the right – it’s already going.

By the way, the 20-minute people team is also on Instagram.

Heard in it: A 33-year-old’s admission that she beat her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Heard also threw a vodka bottle at the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star. Depp lost part of his finger that had to be sutured surgically.

Petition demands complete exclusion

In the previous couple’s public war of roses, it was he who faced allegations of domestic violence. Because of Heard’s accusations in the divorce process, the now 56-year-old is said to have even lost his role as Jack Sparrow.

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Heard should no longer be allowed to play her well-paid blockbuster roles. Therefore, the petition requires Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment to exclude the actress from future projects. “Hollywood must not ignore the suffering of Amber’s victims or glorify domestic violence,” it says.

Heard is said to have lied

The injuries to the face with which the actress asked in court for an injunction against Depp in 2016 were painted with makeup. The day after the incident, she is said to have been seen with a flawless face and no makeup, the petition says.

The online petition, which has been circulating on the Internet since the beginning of this week, is called “Removes Amber Heard from‹ Aquaman 2 ›”. So far they have signed over 300,000 people.

Counter petition has already been started

Amber Heard fans, on the other hand, continue to believe the actress and have started a counter-petition. With «We support Amber Heard in‹ Aquaman 2 ›», around 2500 fans show their loyalty to the Texan-born. It is argued that she is not only suitable for the role of superhero Mera, but also an activist for human rights.

The signatories generally want to see them more in the entertainment industry. “We want more advocates for equality.” Heard has a positive impact on many. You want more strong women who are respected and equal.




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