20 minutes – Relatives mourn the victims of Hanau

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Among the victims from Hanau is Ferhat Ü. * The 22-year-old is the son of an employee of the Kurdish daily newspaper “Yeni Özgür Politika” in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt, as the daily newspaper writes on Twitter. His cousin says to 20 minutes: “He was hit by two shots.” His body was released on Thursday. The funeral took place on the same day. “He was a great, dear guy, nobody could harm anyone.” Ü. recently finished training in heating plumbing.

The 22-year-old Ferhat Ü. is among the victims of Hanau (D).

Another victim is Gökhan G *. This is what the association AYDD e. V. from Hanau on Facebook. Over 190 people express their condolences under the post. He fell victim to the perpetrator when he shot the guests and staff in a snack bar. The owner of the snack bar, Kemal Kocak, told the Turkish newspaper “Hürriyet” that Tobias R. * initially fired on three Turkish-born guests. These were just eating. Then he turned to the waiter Gökhan G. Then R. ran into the arena bar, where he killed a 20-year-old Turkish-born man, a 20-year-old man with Bosnian roots, and a Polish-born waitress.

Gökhan G. is also a victim of Tobias R.

The owner of the “Midnight” Shishabar, Sedat G. *, is also among the dead. He lived in Dietzenbach, the district town of the Offenbach district, as Navid S. (26), a very good friend of Sedat, says to 20 minutes: «Sedat was a beloved brother. He always laughed, no fly could harm anything. » When he heard of the attack on the shisha bar, he suspected that Sedat was among the fatalities: “He was always there at this time.”

S. was angry and could not understand why there were “racial attacks”: “What can religion, origin or skin color tell you to commit such an act?”

Sedat C. was the owner of the “Midnight” shisha bar. He is also among the fatalities.

According to «Bild.de», one of the fatalities is a mother of two (35). She is said to have been pregnant.

The Confederation of Kurdistan Communities in Germany denounces the state’s failures in the fight against right-wing violence. “We are angry because the political leaders in this country do not decisively oppose right-wing networks and right-wing terrorism in this country,” emphasizes the umbrella organization. Several victims of Hanau are said to be of Kurdish origin.

Hessian Minister of the Interior Peter Beuth confirms an alleged extreme right-wing background to the fact. “Based on our current knowledge, there is a xenophobic motive,” says the CDU politician.

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