20 minutes – Restrictions remain in place in Geneva

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The situation is improving, but the virus is still present and active, said the Geneva cantonal police in a statement on Friday. Traffic restrictions and parking bans, especially in the countryside, are maintained over the weekend.

The sports centers of Evaux, Vessy and Bout-du-Monde, the Signal de Bernex, the Mandement and the Allondon, the beaches of Vengeron and Le Reposoir, Port Choiseul, the solitary walker path and that of the Cliffs, the Moulin-des-Frres, the edges of the Arve and the Rhne as well as the Bois-de-la-Btie are concerned.

Only residents will be able to access these sites and some car parks will be closed, the cantonal police said in a statement on Friday. Environmental guards, municipal police and civil protection will be hard at work. The police will also carry out traffic checks, in particular for speed.




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