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The Swiss adaptation of “Sing mein Song” starts today. Soul singer Seven, who was there in the German version in 2016 and therefore knows the format from the production side, will host the show. The first episode focuses on Stefanie Heinzmann and her music.


Are you going to watch “Sing my song”?

That’s how it’s done: Install the latest version of the 20-minute app. On the home screen, tap the three strips at the top right, then tap the gear. At the bottom of «Themes», slide the bar on «People» to the right – it’s already going.

By the way, the 20-minute people team is also on Instagram.

Seven and Heinzmann have been good friends for a long time. Before the start of the broadcast, he raves about the Valais woman: “For me, talking to her is like cycling.”

“My dream constellation”

When he agreed to implement “Sing mein Song” in Switzerland, it was clear where he would start. “Steffi was the first person I called,” says Seven. Because: “I didn’t just want to do it with anyone.”

The two met for dinner – and Heinzmann agreed. “I’ve known her for a long time and can talk to her extremely openly about everything,” says Seven. In addition, the very TV and public-proven singer would help everyone else on the sofa, who may not have as much television experience, by her way of opening up. “She broke all hearts.”

(Source: Instagram / sevenmusic)

The reason for this is that “Steffi is so open and so disarming that in the end nobody on the sofa felt that he had to stay cool somehow.”

The two musicians recorded a joint song called “Lost” in 2013 and Seven took the 30-year-old on his “Soulmate” tour as a duet guest in 2019. This video was created shortly after the 2013 recordings. At that time, Heinzmann was 23 years old.

(Source: Instagram / sevenmusic)

(Source: Instagram / sevenmusic)

Two weeks of shooting in Gran Canaria

From Friday, Seven will invite six Swiss singers to interpret and sing each other’s songs. The artists came together for two weeks in Gran Canaria for the filming.

In addition to Seven and Stefanie Heinzmann, Steff la Cheffe, Francine Jordi, Ritschi, Marc Storace and Loco Escrito will be there. Before the season starts, Seven says: “Now I really have my dream constellation of artists.”

(Source: TV24)

Every evening is dedicated to one of the guests and his work. The star of the evening performs his own song, the other artists also implement a song in their own way. At the end the “Song of the evening” is selected.

“Sing mein Song” starts on February 21st at 8:15 pm with Stefanie Heinzmann and will be broadcast weekly on TV24.




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