20 minutes – ski racer is Vinatzer’s «new friend»

Whether on site in Schladming or on the television at home, the audience was amazed at Alex Vinatzer’s ride in the second run of the night slalom in Schladming. A woman dressed in a bathing suit dashed across the finish line and held up a banner: “Rest in Peace, Kobe Bryant,” it said. A tribute to the American basketball legend who died on Sunday.

The 20-year-old Italian didn’t notice the scene with Kinsey Wolanski at first and was happy about the best time. It is just stupid that the runabout, who already stormed onto the field at the Champions League final between Tottenham and Liverpool in 2019, triggered the timing. Vinatzer was indeed 13 hundredths down on the interim leader throne.

Police consequences

How Wolanski came on the slopes is still unknown. It is conceivable that she simply climbed over the fence and passed the security guards to the finish. There, the 23-year-old American was received by security personnel and held until the police arrived. According to Austrian media, the runabout is reported on suspicion of an administrative violation. The police have also set a bail.

Vinatzer has fewer problems with the whole thing. He even met the speedster in the finish area and posted a picture with her. The young Italian wrote: «Looks like I have a new girlfriend! 6th place in Schladming and probably the best finish photo ever. Schladming, you were great! ”Wolanski commented on the picture with the words“ I love you ”.

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