20 minutes – The melted emoji will arrive on your smartphones

As usual, the Unicode Consortium, the organization in charge of the mojis, has delivered the list of new symbols that will appear on mobiles during the year. For 2020, 62 new mojis were validated (117 with the different variants). Among them, in the category devoted to food, there is a moji that should delight Swiss users: the fondue moji in the shape of a fondue pot with the Swiss flag white cross.

As a Googler who has lived in Switzerland for ten years, I am very happy that the melted emji is soon available all over the world. In Guete (editor’s note, good appetite in Swiss German), good appetite and buon appetito !, said 20 Minuten Mark Davis, president of the Unicode Consortium. Three years ago, our almanic colleagues asked for validation to see this moji appear on our smartphones.

In addition to the melted moji, we will also find new animals, such as the polar bear, the seal, the mammoth, the beaver or the black cat, as well as new objects, such as roller skates, the magic wand or the thire. , for example. The new Emoji 13.0 standard is also intended to be more inclusive with the addition of new characters (woman in a tuxedo, man with white veil, etc.), but also the arrival of a transgender flag and its symbol.

To be able to use these new symbols, you have to wait until the various systems (iOS, Android, etc.) adapt them and integrate them into their platform.



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