20 minutes – The Vaud State Council is committed to the climate

The climate issue will be at the heart of the second half of the legislature of the Vaud State Council. The government in corpore listed the major themes on Friday which will be dealt with until 2022, starting with the Climate Plan.

Expected for several months, the presentation of this Climate Plan is now scheduled for April 8, announced to the media Batrice Mtraux, the State Councilor in charge of the file. Your absence that day will be inexcusable!, She launched to the journalists present, just to emphasize the importance of the meeting and the expectations related to this file.

The Green Minister, who took over the Environment Department following the departure of Jacqueline de Quattro, has not yet wanted to reveal the content of this Climate Plan. However, it recalled that it had been developed by numerous partners from the canton, but also from the communes, the economy or even the agricultural and university worlds. All of civil society has been consulted, she said.

The Climate Strike movement also participated in these discussions for a time. We reached out to them, but they preferred to leave, said Nuria Gorrite. The president of the government insisted on the importance of a democratic framework, in reference to the will of the climate strikers to break the system. These are the institutions that represent the people. They help ensure pluralism, she said.

Unprecedented investments

Within the Council of State, the climate emergency is not limited to the Department of the Environment alone. The Minister of Economy and Innovation Philippe Leuba noted that this challenge would also require technical and technological dynamism. The liberal-radical has promised unprecedented financial means for its Policy of Support for Economic Development (PADE), which will be unveiled on February 24.

Major investments in cleantech are in particular planned, in order to provide the canton with a modern economic fabric and respectful of the environment, added Nuria Gorrite.

Speaking about the action of her infrastructure department, the socialist noted the importance of reducing dependence on the car by offering alternatives in public transport. It also promised to develop a biking strategy, by building more bicycle paths and parking spaces for bikes, including electric ones.

In addition to the climate issue, many challenges await the Vaudois ministers by 2022. On the social front, Rebecca Ruiz notably noted that efforts would be made to integrate the over 50s into employment, which are more and more numerous get social assistance. The issue of the aging of the population will also be at the heart of its action.


In charge of training and youth, Cesla Amarelle wishes to continue developing an inclusive school. This will be done via the 360 ​​concept, which aims to supervise students requiring special attention and which finally brings educators into the school, she noted.

On the finance side, Pascal Broulis notably indicated that the canton was going to examine a tax relief for entrepreneurs. The dean of the government, read in 2002, also recalled that the State of Vaud had to carry out important constructions in the coming years: Aigle and Echallens gymnasiums, extension of the cantonal court, Musical site Avenches or prison of Grands-Marais Orbe.

Freshly read at the Council of State, Christelle Luisier also participated in this press conference, but as a guest. Among its flagship files for the next few months, the PLR ​​will have to find an agreement with the municipalities, which have had a lot of feedback on the distribution of the social bill imposed by the canton.

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