20 minutes – The Watch Fair could generate 120 million fr.

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The future Geneva watch trade show in April 2021, launched after the announced departure of several Baselworld brands, could bring in spinoffs of 100 120 million francs, according to State Councilor Pierre Maudet. He salutes a breath of oxygen.

The head of the economic development department is delighted with this event for companies and jobs hard hit by the Covid-19. But the device around the first edition of this new meeting is still unclear, he admits in an interview published Saturday by the Tribune de Genve.

About ten days ago, five brands announced their decision to leave the watch and jewelery fair in Bloise to organize a new fair. This will be scheduled at the same time as Watches & Wonders, the manifestation of the Fondation de la haute horlogerie (FHH). The brands are still in the termination phase with Baselworld. There are still administrative and legal aspects to be settled, says Maudet.

For its part, Watches & Wonders had announced in February to postpone April 2021 the edition which was scheduled for this Saturday next Wednesday. As of this Saturday, an online platform was launched for the 30 brands that were to participate.

Since the announcement that surprised the owner of Baselworld, four other brands have said they will join the future Geneva show. The MCH group is to decide over the next few weeks the future of the most important watchmaking event to date worldwide.

Mr. Maudet wishes him that the name of Geneva be associated with that of the future Geneva salon. And that this meeting is accompanied by a public dimension. He also explains that the authorities will invest to ensure that hotel prices do not increase too much after a year 2020 which promises to be difficult. There is no question of multiplying the tariffs by three or four, says the State Councilor.

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