News 20 minutes - This is how the police monitor...

20 minutes – This is how the police monitor us on weekends


The upcoming weekend with bright spring weather will be the dress rehearsal for Easter. The big question is: Do the Swiss still adhere to the Corona rules of conduct and stay at home?

In order to control the public spaces, the cantonal police in Aargau use surveillance cameras: With a special regulation, the government council allows the police to access existing video cameras in real time in order to ensure compliance with the corona rules with «virtual patrols».

Drone deployments are possible

The Aargauer are not the only ones who arm themselves. “The police corps will noticeably increase their presence in the coming days – also with a view to the festive season,” announced Stefan Blättler, the highest Swiss police officer and commander of the Bern cantonal police, on Thursday. It is about ensuring the security of the population. Even drone deployments are possible to monitor public places, says Blättler. This measure was not yet an issue for all of the police corps interviewed on the subject for 20 minutes.

The canton of Jura is taking an unusual measure: the cantonal police are deploying a horse brigade there to fight against crowds of people. Two policewomen in uniform will soon ride on horseback through the canton’s busiest places to visit.

“I have never experienced something like that”

The St. Gallen cantonal police are also working flat out to prepare for the weekend: “We expect more violations of the rules,” says media spokesman Hanspeter Krüsi to 20 minutes. His corps had already noticed this behavior last Saturday. Now comes the start of the holiday in St. Gallen.

His corps therefore deployed significantly more police officers across the entire canton over the weekend – an unusual measure: “In my more than thirty years with the police, I have never experienced this in this dimension,” says Krüsi.

In order to be present at as many critical points as possible, additional employees would be called on. There is no shortage of staff at the moment. But: “After this intense weekend, Easter is yet to come, where we may have to deploy even more people.”

Parks are closed in Bern

The other cantons don’t look at the cards. “We know what the weather is going to be like this weekend,” says Toprak Yerguz from the Basel-Stadt cantonal police. There are currently more police officers on patrol. “We cannot be everywhere everywhere, but will occasionally use more patrols.” Yerguz does not reveal any details “for reasons of police tactics”.

The police officers of the Bern cantonal police will also be patrolling outside in the coming days, says media spokeswoman Jolanda Egger. Various parks have already been closed in the canton of Bern. These measures – the city of Zurich also closed the lake shore and various parks – are within the competence of the municipalities.

«Crazy that police have to play watchdogs»

The procedure of the police officers is always the same in the event of violations of the rules: fines should preferably not be pronounced, instead the reason for the wrongdoer is appealed for. If he shows himself unreasonable, he will be fined.

Despite everything, this is always necessary. For Hanspeter Krüsi, media spokesman for Kapo St.Gallen, incomprehensible: “Actually, it is crazy that the police still have to play guard. Now everyone knows that he should stay at home. »

Daniel Koch from the Federal Office of Public Health also appeals to the population to stay at home despite the nice weather: “A short walk around the block is fine.” But promenades or other places that are normally very busy should be avoided. He warns: “We will discuss further measures after the weekend and maybe before Easter.”



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