20 Years of JD. JD.com’s 618 Growth Rate Exceeds Expectations

2023-06-20 02:30:31
In 2023, JD.com 618 will continue to trigger a consumption boom for 436 hours, help brand merchants grow with high quality, and promote rural revitalization and the development of industrial belts. Behind this, JD Cloud, as the solid technical cornerstone of JD 618, is also the core brand of JD to provide technology and services to the outside world. While ensuring users’ smooth shopping experience, it also applies JD’s accumulated digital intelligence supply chain capabilities to continuously serve the JD platform. Merchants and industrial partners reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ensure experience, helping the real economy achieve high-quality development. During JD.com 618, the peak user access per second of JD Cloud increased by 119% year-on-year.

JD Cloud’s digital intelligence technology guarantees smooth shopping experience for users

There are two scenarios to test the industry leadership of cloud computing, high concurrent traffic peaks and complex coordination of ultra-large-scale industrial chains, which makes JD 618 an excellent testing ground for testing cloud vendors. JD Cloud launched the industry’s first hybrid multi-cloud operating system cloud ship, which is fully compatible with various infrastructures around the world, supports cross-cloud multi-active applications, hybrid multi-cloud multi-core, and can efficiently support various high-concurrency and high-complexity scenarios. During JD 618, JD Cloud, as the technical cornerstone of JD 618, saw a peak user access per second increase of 119% year-on-year. With industry-leading technical capabilities, JD Cloud fully guaranteed the smooth shopping experience of JD 618.

There are tens of millions of smart interactions every day in the Jingdong domain, serving nearly 600 million users, covering a large number of commodities, Yanxi has accumulated more comprehensive and accurate retail corpus, industry models and speech templates in the industry. Superimposed with the large-scale model capabilities of Yanxi, JD Cloud has comprehensively upgraded its considerate intelligent services for consumers 7×24 hours a day. Since 618, the cumulative number of consulting services of Jingdong Yunyanxi intelligent customer service has exceeded 700 million times, ensuring user experience.

On 618 this year, the number of consumers shopping on JD.com and paying with JD.com’s coin wallet “Jingdong Small Treasury” increased by 53% year-on-year, and the consumption volume increased by 155% year-on-year. Usually put the money in the small treasury, and use it directly for payment when consuming. Consumers can truly realize both income and consumption, which is safe and worry-free.

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The digital renminbi is now becoming a new force leading the promotion of consumption. It integrates the daily life of thousands of households in a novel way, helping users enjoy consumption more, faster, better and more economically. On this 618, JD.com also cooperated with Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Minsheng Bank and other banks to provide users with digital RMB gift packages exceeding 10 million yuan, and to boost consumption and serve people’s livelihood with a new shopping experience. The number of users using digital renminbi on JD 618 increased by 216% year-on-year, the number of transactions increased by 254% year-on-year, and the transaction amount reached a new high.

JD co-branded credit cards have joined hands with more than 60 banks including state stock banks, city commercial banks, and rural commercial banks to launch customized marketing, and jointly build more than 100 “co-branded card circles” in JD’s ecology. During the 618 period, the number of participating JD co-branded credit card users increased by 24%, the transaction volume in all scenarios increased by 122%, and the number of transactions in all scenarios increased by 142%. During the 6.18 period, the JD co-branded credit card also launched a new credit card in cooperation with Ping An Bank – Ping An JD Joy Express co-branded credit card, bringing consumers multiple consumptions such as a discount of 618 yuan for purchases of 3,000 yuan or more on JD.com, 1 point purchase of JD PLUS membership annual card Welfare, help consumers to buy more economically during 618.

JD Cloud uses digital intelligence supply chain to help merchants improve efficiency and increase income

In the early morning of the 19th, the anchor Taozi was still live broadcasting, and “she” had been broadcasting continuously for 24 hours. This is the most special live broadcast of helping farmers on JD 618 this year. From Pingyao beef, Yangshan peaches, Dongguan lychee to Yanbian mutton noodle pre-made dishes, not only are there 20+ provinces and cities across the country, but also more than 70 industrial belts. The same authentic salted mutton rice noodles as in the store, you can’t help but cry!”. Taozi is one of the more than 100 digital human anchors of JD Yunyanxi. On June 18 this year, JD Yunyanxi’s virtual anchors have driven the turnover of merchants to increase by more than 246% compared with last year’s November 11, helping brand merchants realize from product selection, live broadcast to after-sales service. The intelligent upgrade of the whole chain has become the best efficiency-improving tool to help merchants live broadcast operations during the 618 period this year. “Jingxiaozhi”, an intelligent service platform integrating intelligent customer service, intelligent marketing, and intelligent analysis and decision-making, provided more efficient intelligent services for more than 223,000 JD third-party merchants during the 618 period, bringing efficiency, experience, and revenue growth .

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JD Supply Chain Financial Technology launched the “618 Special Action to Help Micro-Multiple Multiplication” to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with a variety of financial services covering credit loans, receivable financing, procurement financing, movable property financing, financial leasing, and bill financing. It helps small, medium and micro enterprises to quickly carry out capital turnover through various methods such as interest. In terms of financing quota and financing costs, during the 618 period, the “618 Special Action to Help Micro and Micro Enterprises” has raised a total of 18 billion yuan for JD.com’s internal and external merchants, small and medium-sized enterprises, and reduced interest and fees by more than 100 million yuan. cost. In terms of the number of service companies, the number of small, medium and micro enterprises served by JD Supply Chain Fintech 618 increased by more than 70% year-on-year, and the service customer base continued to expand.

JD.com’s biological asset digital platform starts from the digitalization of agricultural production, digitizes the whole process of planting and breeding, and realizes the digital twin of agricultural assets. Through JD’s biological assets digital platform, real-time monitoring of the agricultural production process, regular information acquisition, generation of information systems, and complete penetration of the production process can be realized, helping the traditional agricultural and animal husbandry industry to achieve digital and intelligent upgrades, and at the same time solve financial institutions. The problem of biological asset supervision provides a detailed and credible basis for subsequent financial institutions to grant credit to farmers. At present, JD.com’s digital platform for biological assets has served more than 50,000 farmers. Compared with traditional financial services, it has helped farmers increase their financing by 30%.

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JD Cloud continues to upgrade its technology to effectively reduce the threshold and cost of cloud use for enterprises

JD Cloud’s hybrid multi-cloud operating system Yunjian has completed second-level scheduling and efficient multiplexing of over 10 million core resources, which has further improved the CPU peak utilization rate of hundreds of thousands of servers in JD Group, and increased processor computing efficiency by more than 100% in 3 years , leading the industry. While stably supporting the trillion-level transactions during JD.com’s 618 period, it has achieved a substantial reduction in costs, saving hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

On the eve of 6.18, JD Cloud set off the first public price comparison activity in China’s cloud market, announcing that all series of core products participated in the price comparison, and directly lowered the price to the bottom—different from other cloud vendors’ “big price reduction” gameplay, JD Cloud promised, “Buy If you pay more, the list price on the official website of all core products is lower than the list price of the target product on the official website of the specific cloud vendor; the actual transaction price will be based on the actual lowest unit price of the specific cloud vendor. A 10% discount will be added.

Different from other cloud vendors who only cut prices of individual products, JD Cloud’s price cuts have a wider range, covering all core products. Including computing, storage, network, database, middleware, security, video service, cloud computer, it can be said that it is the most abundant product line among cloud vendors that have launched price reduction activities, and it can effectively reduce the threshold and cost of using cloud for enterprises .

JD.com is a witness to the high-quality development of the real economy and an in-depth participant. In the future, JD Cloud, as the core brand of JD Group to export technology and services to the outside world, will also make full use of its physical genetic advantages to promote the integration of data and reality, and use the digital intelligence supply chain to help the transformation and upgrading of the physical industry to achieve high-quality growth.

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