£ 20,000 fine for huge snowball fight

Photos and videos of the snowball fight were shared on social media channels.
Image: dpa

In mid-January, hundreds of people gathered in a park for a snowball fight after a call by two men in Leeds. But you can only meet one person there outside of your own household.

WA huge snowball fight fined two young men in Leeds £ 10,000 each. That is the equivalent of more than 11,300 euros. “We take no pleasure in imposing such severe sentences on these two young men,” said West Yorkshire police on Thursday. “But their actions have encouraged hundreds to be close to each other.” That has massively increased the risk of the coronavirus spreading further.

In mid-January, after the call by the two men (20 and 23), hundreds of people gathered in a park for a snowball fight, photos and videos of which were spread via social media channels. In England, a tough lockdown is currently in place to contain the pandemic. You can only meet one person outside of your own household privately – and only to do sports.


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