what we know about the shooter

A few hours after the shooting, the assailant’s identity was revealed. David Katz, 24, killed as many as two people and injured eleven others on Sunday, August 26. He opened fire at a video game tournament in Jacksonville, a city in northeast Florida. The young man, plagued by mental disorders according to information relayed by … Read more

an unprecedented tragedy for the video game world

David Katz, a participant in a video game tournament “Madden NFL 19”, fired on the other players, killing two, before committing suicide. GIANRIGO MARLETTA / AFP On the night of Sunday to Monday, August 27, a man opened fire on participants in a video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, killing two and eleven injured, before … Read more

Jacksonville shootout kills USA

A shooting broke out during a video game tournament this Sunday afternoon in Jacksonville, Florida, in the southeast of the United States. According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the shooting killed several people, without giving further details. The Miami Herald evokes a balance of four dead and eleven injured. A suspect also died, police said, … Read more

“Philadelphia” changed the way people look at AIDS patients

August 17, 2018 Today at 12:15 Films that made history | Can cinema (permanently) change the world? Opinions are divided. Did “Z” bring down the colonel regime? Did “Mash” hasten the end of the Vietnam War? Were AIDS patients indirectly saved thanks to “Philadelphia”? The answer is yes. Films that “count” do not always arrive … Read more

Ecological disaster: Florida struggles with blue-green algae

Florida, which is characterized by tourism, is currently struggling with an ecological disaster: Instead of vacationers, tons of dead fish can be found on the beaches. Dead turtles, dolphins, manatees and a whale shark have also been washed up. Local residents report an unbearable stench. The reason for the death of the sea creatures is … Read more