2020-2021 cereal season: a “very good” harvest of 103.2 Mqx (ministry)

This production comes from an area sown to main cereals of 4.35 million hectares, practically similar to that of the previous campaign (+ 0.3%), specifies the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, rural development and water and forests in a press release.

With this “very good” cereal harvest, the initial growth estimates for the entire agricultural sector with all its sectors will have to be confirmed with a forecast agricultural added value of. 130 billion DH for the year 2021, i.e. a growth of more than 18%, which demonstrates a strong resilience of the agricultural sector.

The average yield was 23.7 qx / ha, in 320% increase compared to the previous campaign, notes the same source.

By species, cereal production is distributed over:

– soft wheat (50.6 Mqx),

– durum wheat (24.8 Mqx),

– barley (27.8 Mqx).

The 2020-2021 crop year was distinguished by a good temporal distribution of rainfall and an occurrence with key stages of cereal development (tillering, bolting and filling), the ministry said. In some regions, the yields obtained have exceeded initial forecasts, in particular, nord d’Oum Errabia.

The 2020-2021 campaign is historically the second best campaign after that of 2014-2015 despite rainfall comparable to a normal campaign. This testifies to the technical progress made in the cultivation of cereals thanks in particular to the dissemination of genetic progress, the result of the use of certified seeds, the mechanization of cultivation operations and the introduction of new production and soil conservation technologies. like direct sowing.

As such, in favorable areas (Saiss, Basse Chaouia, Gharb), farms have been able to achieve yields of 50 and 60 quintals per hectare, which reflects the efforts made to optimize the potential of this sector.

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