2020 in the animal shelter: more placements, but fewer donations

260 Reichenhall pets found a new home last year. The animal welfare association is satisfied with the many placements, but its income has plummeted.

While other animal shelters closed during the lockdowns and temporarily suspended their placement, Schwaiger-Weiß decided against it. “The animals are well cared for here, but of course better cared for in their own family. We would also have been completely overcrowded.” So the club continued, albeit limited: walkers now accept their companions in front of the gate. Dog play lessons and animal shelter tours cannot take place, as can visits that do not involve adoption.

Of the 199 found animals that were given into care at Teisendorfer Straße 52 in 2020, cats made up the majority. “Because they are usually not chipped and registered, we can assign a maximum of five percent of the found cats to their owners.” The rest of the young kittens are usually easy to pass on. In total, the animal shelter accommodated almost 90 more found animals than in the previous year. The number of donated animals has also increased, from 77 in 2019 to 102. However, the chairwoman of the animal welfare association does not see a connection to the pandemic. “There was no one who was no longer financially able to look after his animal.” Mostly it was emergencies, for example, when the owner moved into an apartment where pets are not allowed, or when mistress or mistress had to go to hospital and never came home.

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