2020 US election: Donald Trump and Republicans contest result in Nevada without evidence

The voters in the US state Nevada have a majority for the presidential election Joe Biden agreed. According to official figures, the Democrat’s lead was 33,596 votes. But the incumbent incumbent Donald Trump and his election campaign team still do not want to see this – and are again taking legal action against the result.

The Republicans are demanding that Trump be declared the election winner in Nevada by court order, or alternatively that the election results be annulled and no winner is confirmed. This emerges from the complaint filed Tuesday by a group of Republican officials.

Lots of allegations, no evidence

It states that “fraud and abuse are making said Nevada election results illegal.” The election was manipulated by a faulty machine to check the signatures of the voters. It goes on to say that official election observers were denied access to the polls.

However, neither Trump nor his team have yet been able to provide evidence to support their allegations. Several lawsuits against the election results in other states have already failed in court, and the Republicans’ allegations have collapsed.

In Nevada, before election day on November 3, the Republicans had tried to count postal votes in and around the Democratic stronghold Las Vegas to stop, as reported by the AP news agency. The same judge should now deal with the new complaint. According to the AP, the Trump camp is running out of time on its desperate mission: On November 24, the Nevada Supreme Court will officially confirm the election result. Biden and the six voters from Nevada have a total of 306 votes in the Electoral College.

Local authorities again sharply denied the Republicans’ claims. Their lawsuit appears to be based on “parroting false allegations without firsthand knowledge of the facts,” said Dan Kulin, a spokesman for the Clark County Electoral Department, Nevada. Trump supporters would repeat allegations that the courts have already dismissed.

The elected president and his followers have so far refused to recognize Biden’s election victory. This is the handover of government affairswhich traditionally begins before the inauguration of the new president.

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