2020 US election: Georgia government expects recount

In the US state of Georgia, the announcement of the presidential election results could be delayed. Election Minister Brad Raffensperger said he expected the votes to be recounted as the gap between candidates was very small. According to data provider Edison Research, challenger Joe Biden is only 1579 ahead of US President Donald Trump. Accordingly, 4169 votes still have to be counted.

“The end result in Georgia, as it stands, will have a huge impact across the country,” Raffensperger said. The “emotions” would hit high everywhere. But that will not prevent the electoral authorities from doing their job.

The electoral authority representative, Republican Gabriel Sterling, said: Both candidates could request a recount as soon as there is a confirmed result with a gap of no more than 0.5 percent of the vote. With a recount, each vote would have to be re-scanned, which could take until the end of November. Sterling said there were no “widespread irregularities” except for a few minor incidents.

The state has 16 electorates. For both candidates, victory or defeat have different consequences: If Trump loses Georgia, he would no longer have a chance to win the majority of the 270 electorate. Biden, on the other hand, could compensate for the defeat with victories in the other, as yet undecided states.

Since Bill Clinton, no Democrat has been able to prevail over a Republican in the race for the presidency in the southeastern state. In 2016, Trump won the 16 electorate in Georgia with a good five percentage points ahead of Hillary Clinton. In the 2018 midterm elections, Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp narrowly prevailed over Democrat Stacey Abrams.

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