2020 US election: the hour of conspirators has come in Georgia

Conspiracy theorist and radio host Alex Jones leads the group of protesters into the Georgia State Capitol – the seat of government in the state.

Alex Jones, radio host
“This is an extremely important moment. You are the vanguard – and Georgia is a crucial key state. Thank you for being here – for you are the soul of America and we love you. “

The Trump supporters had demanded a recount of the votes in the state – now they are protesting against it. The US President cheers them on with tweets. The Georgia recount is “a joke,” he tweeted.

Few errors were found when the votes were manually checked. About 2,600 votes, it is said, were not included in the results – the cause were errors by employees in two districts ruled by Republicans.

Ralf Neukirch, DER SPIEGEL
“But the whole thing doesn’t end there, because there will probably be another vote count because the result is so close that Joe Biden is less than 0.5 percentage points ahead of Donald Trump. And then the electoral law in Georgia stipulates that it has to be counted again. But that’s another count, so it’s so complicated that you cannot actually imagine. “

Biden’s lead is likely to have shrunk from 14,000 to around 12,000 votes after the first review. Not enough to change the bottom line. The state and its 16 electorates go to Joe Biden. An opportunity for the extremists among Trump supporters to position themselves once again against the political establishment – with a view to the future:

Nick Fuentes, far-right podcaster
“The Republicans didn’t stand up. The Republicans who rule the states have done nothing to stop the election fraud. And we should remember that when we vote again in 2022 and 2024. «

The stairwell of the Capitol in Georgia serves as a stage for the staging of the fake news kings. The show goes on.

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