2020 US election – Trump’s dirty fight for Georgia

The one-time Republican bastion just fell to Joe Biden. Trump does not want to leave it like that. And instigates a guerrilla war with the top election overseer. A republican.

Brad Raffensperger, Republican and top election overseer in Georgia, is unpopular with supporters of his party these days.

The Republican Brad Raffensperger is more of a balancing act. Which is apparently a vital quality these days. As Secretary of State, he is the elected election overseer for the state of Georgia. The race there was close. Joe Biden leads after the first count with only 14,000 votes before incumbent Donald Trump. That’s why the five million or so votes are being counted again by hand. The result should be available by Friday. So far there is no indication that anything will change in the outcome. Biden wins Georgia and 16 additional votes for Electoral College.

In a normal presidential election, that would be the end of the story. Especially since Biden has already won the election even without Georgia. But this is an election with Donald Trump’s participation. And he and his supporters are apparently not at all satisfied with the outcome in the former republican bastion of Georgia.

Troubled relationship between Republicans

Raffensperger revealed the bizarre consequences to the Washington Post on Monday. He received threats, especially from Republicans. A message to him read: «You shouldn’t screw up this recount. Your life depends on it. ” Trump repeatedly questions the legality of the recount on Twitter without any basis. He calls them “fake” because his people are supposedly not allowed to check the signatures of postal voters. In a tweet he calls Raffensperger a “so-called republican”.

Trump has sent a watch dog to Georgia with Republican Congressman Doug Collins. He has not been able to turn Trump’s defeat so far. The relationship between Collins and Raffensperger is disturbed. Raffensperger calls the Trump envoy a “liar” and a “charlatan”. Collins, on the other hand, criticizes Raffensperger for “incompetence”. He “capitulated” to the Democrats.

Anyone who votes in Georgia by postal vote must leave their signature on one of the required envelopes. This is compared with the signature that is deposited with the authorities. This ensures that the vote comes from a person entitled to vote. But sometimes the signatures don’t match. The voters in Georgia can then prove their identity afterwards. Trump thinks this is at least unconstitutional.

Raffensperger now reports that he was asked to reject legal votes as well.

The demand of the Trump camp so far has been: every legal vote must be counted. Raffensperger now reports that he was asked to reject legal votes as well. Last Friday he phoned the Trump-loyal Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina. He asked him whether it was not in Raffensperger’s power to discard all postal ballot papers in electoral districts in which there were an excessive number of signatures that could not be clearly assigned. When asked about it, Graham called the charge “ridiculous”.

An overwhelming majority of postal voters in Georgia also voted for Joe Biden. Which is why Trump and his people are apparently seeking their salvation in having as many postal votes as possible declared invalid. On Friday, Trump’s attorneys in Atlanta filed a lawsuit seeking to postpone certification of the election until all signatures have been matched.

Trump’s attempt to attack the Georgia election does not end with his criticism of the handling of signatures. He now also questions the counting software.

Conspiracy tales about software companies

In Georgia – as in 27 other states – software from the Canadian company Dominion is used. Two irregularities have so far been documented in this election: In Michigan, a person in charge in a constituency failed to install an update for the software. In Georgia, 2,600 votes were found on a memory stick, which apparently were not transmitted.

For Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, this is sufficient evidence to spread wild conspiracy tales about the Dominion company. Dominion is in the hands of “radical leftists” with close contacts to the Antifa, Venezuela and China, he said on Sunday. The company denied the allegations.

Brad Raffensperger warned against attacking the voting software now. They will soon be urgently needed when there are two runoff elections for Georgia’s two seats in the US Senate on January 5th. “People could throw up their arms and say: ‘Why vote?'”, Fears Raffensperger. Which is more likely to hurt the Republican candidates.

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