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Costco Black Shopping Festival 2021 The event date will start from November 22nd to November 28th. The time is only 1 week. I want to know Costco Black Shopping FestivalAs for what special offers can be grabbed, this article will sort out the 2021 “Costco Black Shopping Festival” offers and discounted products in advance for everyone. At the same time, they can also be used with digital and paper five times coupons. If you want to grab the bargain, take advantage of this. Start with wave hand knife.

Costco Black Shopping Festival 2021 time

2021 Costco Specials Period: November 22, 2021 to November 28, 2021 (1 week only)

Pay special attention to the limited number of activities. Members can purchase one piece per card until they are sold out.

2021 Costco Black Shopping Festival Special Items Summary

The Costco Black Shopping Festival will have special offers for different 3C appliances, clothing, food and daily necessities, and the higher the unit price of some products, the greater the price reduction will be. If you want to pick up the bargain, you must take advantage of this wave to buy.

3C home appliances

merchandise Special offer Original price
Samsung 82-inch CRYSTAL UHD TV 97,589 yuan (save 3 million 2) 129,589 yuan
BOSCH 60 cm stand-alone dishwasher for 12 people 26,399 yuan (3,600 provinces) 29,999 yuan
SHARP 253 Litre Dual Frequency Dual Door Refrigerator 12,999 yuan (save 1,500) 14,499 yuan
WHIRLPOOL 17 liter washing machine plus 16 liter dryer 55,449 yuan (11,450 provinces) 66,899 yuan
SAMSUNG 20kg smart touch inverter washing machine 18,699 yuan (save 3,500) 22,199 yuan
YAMAHA SOUNDBAR two-piece home theater set with heavy bass 8,599 yuan (provided 2,400) 10,999 yuan
ELECTROLUX Electrolux 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 5,999 yuan (save 2,000) 7,999 yuan
ANDESAIRPURIFIER Air Purifier CADR-219(CMF) 23,999 yuan (save 6,000) 29,999 yuan


merchandise Special offer Original price
32 DEGREE MEN SOFT JOGGER 399 yuan (100 provinces) 599 yuan
ORVIS MEN’S FLANNEL SHIRT Men’s Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt 499 yuan (100 provinces) 899 yuan
KIRLAND SINGNATURE Kirkland Men’s Soft Shell Hooded Jacket 699 yuan (provided 200) 1,099 yuan
CHAMPION MEN SWEATSHIRT men’s bristle top 899 yuan (province 155) 944 yuan
GERRY YOUTH JACKET 899 yuan (province 250) 1,149 yuan
GERRY MEN’S BOMBER JACKET men’s jacket 799 yuan (province 200) 999 yuan
GERRY3IN1SYSTEMJACKET Women’s 3-in-1 Windproof Hooded Jacket 1,499 yuan (province 500) 1,999 yuan
32 DEGREES DOWN JACKET Women’s lightweight down jacket 799 yuan (province 200) 999 yuan
MARC NEWYORK DOWN JACKET women’s long down jacket with hood 1,199 yuan (save 1,000) 2,199 yuan
WEATHERPROOF LADIES COAT Women’s Long Patchwork Hooded Jacket 969 yuan (province 500) 1,469 yuan

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