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2021 in the world as seen by the photographers of “Libé” – Liberation

The Covid in Manaus, the migrant crisis in Ciudad Juárez, the bombings in Gaza or the fall of Kabul: an overview of international news through the eyes of the photographers of “Liberation”.

Our report: 72 hours in Manaus, “Covid capital of the world

Our report: in Iraq, the women of Tahrir Square at heart and blood

Our report: in Mexico, migrants trapped by violence

Our report: cement manufacturers, cancer of Romania

Our report: increasingly loud boot noise between Ukraine and Russia

Our report: Doudinka, a port city in the heart of the tundra

Our report: in Brussels, the “Boom 2” degenerates

Our report: in Gaza, terror, daily life of children under the bombs

Our report: to revive tourism, the great find of China

Our report in Beirut: “We’re finished, Lebanon is screwed up”

Our report from the British coast: “It is our duty to welcome them”

Our report: Kabylia is on fire, solidarity is on fire, anger is smoldering

The flood of the Brahmaputra, obvious symptom of climate change

Our report in Kabul: “I can’t stand to live in this fear anymore”

Our report: Ida shakes the South-East of the United States

Our report: from Tessalit to Gao, with the last convoy of Barkhane’s forces

Our report: the Polisario Front, the guerrillas who refused to age

Our report in Warsaw: “I’m annoyed to be still in the street”

Our report: in the Basque Country, a memory to be handed over to ETA

Our report from Free from animals : the pink dolphin, wizard of the Amazon

Our report: in Khartoum, the regime bangs behind closed doors

Our report: Kyrgyzstan fingers in the electricity crisis

Our report: in Venezuela, the harvests of misery

Our report: “The French soldiers gathered and opened fire”

Our report: Iceland carbides against carbon


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