2021 iPad Pro test: hardware increases its lead

We didn’t expect to find the same Apple-designed system-on-chip for Macs in an iPad, but here it is: the latest iPad Pro is equipped with the Apple M1, strictly the same as that of the Apple Silicon Macs released since last fall. The manufacturer has chosen the simplest solution from its point of view, by taking a chip already in its catalog instead of creating a new variant.

It made sense basically: the Apple M1 is based on the work done by the company for iOS devices and it is close to the Apple A14 of the iPhone 12 and the iPad Air 4. Despite everything, that wants say the iPad Pro has never been closer to a MacBook Air, or even a 24-inch iMac. Power wasn’t an issue with Apple’s high-end tablets, but this generation seems to be taking a new step.

To do what ? This is what we will see together in this review, which focuses on the 12.9 inch model!


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