2021 Paralympic Games: Charles-Antoine Kouakou, 6th French gold medal

Sprinter Charles-Antoine Kouakou brought his sixth gold medal to the French team at the Tokyo Paralympic Games on Tuesday by winning the 400-meter final (T20 category). For his first Games, the 23-year-old clinched the Paralympic title and brings the total of French medals to 33, just two units from the goal set at 35 before the event.

The native of Paris completed the lap in 47 sec 63 ahead of Venezuelan Luis Felipe Rodriguez Bolivar (47 sec 71) and Briton Columba Blango (47 sec 81). It is also the third medal of French adapted sport, the counterpart of disabled sports for people with cognitive disabilities, since Léa Ferney (silver) and Lucas Créange (bronze) had paved the way in table tennis.

Finally, it is the fifth podium in French Paralympic athletics after notably the silver medal of the president of the French Paralympic and Sports Committee Marie-Amélie Le Fur in the long jump (category T64).

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