2021, the year of the podcast?

Published on : 13/01/2021 – 12:42

Digital platforms are increasingly interested in podcasting. This new form of audio expression has found its audience, and online consumer giants are now looking to make it a profitable product.

With the confinement, the podcast has spread to all homes. Before, before the pandemic, we gladly listened to this format similar to that of the radio while traveling, it is now a welcome distraction at home, doing sports, ironing or gardening. Passive listening is supplanting the consumption of screens. This has not escaped the platforms that are currently buying the tools or players in this universe to offer a new online service, available for consultation on their smartphone or any other digital medium. This year will be the year of the podcast, it is the recurring joke among those who still despise this new anecdotal medium in terms of income and yet very present on a daily basis.

Amazon has just bought one of the last independent publishers, the American Wondery podcast

It is the price of success: the independents are disappearing one after the other. What to worry the creators. They fear the end of the open podcast, a world without constraint where you can listen to a program without being subscribed to a channel. In the United States, where 40% of listening is concentrated, there are still many players attached to this formula, this is the case of New York Times which develops a daily offer of info on very popular podcast. In passing, let us remind our listeners that RFI offers a bouquet of info or entertainment podcast. Information is the most widespread genre, ahead of comedy and subjects of culture or society. Wondery brings its 9 million listeners and catalog to Amazon. Among its nuggets, Dirty John, which tells the real life of a con artist, a series so popular that it was adapted for television, by Netflix. Amazon wants to strengthen its offer against Spotify, the platform that probably has the largest podcast audience.

Swedish online music giant sees itself in future YouTube audio format

For two years he has invested heavily in this segment. With flagship appeal products. Michelle Obama’s podcast, that of ex-Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are available on Spotify. Spotify which just bought the Megaphone company. This start-up will allow him to make better profit from his podcast offer. By targeting advertisements according to the listener’s profile, age, gender, or favorite programs.

Is podcasting a profitable business?

It is not yet the jackpot for the authors, we do not see the emergence of star podcasters on the model of youtubers. For publishers and platforms, revenues are still negligible. The podcast generates only 1% of Spotify’s revenue. The world market estimated today at around ten billion dollars should explode in the coming years. It is for this reason that all platforms are doing it. Apple, Google and Facebook also have their own podcast offerings. Twitter has just bought a podcast sharing application to integrate it soon into its messaging.

►In short

YouTube just suspended Donald Trump’s channel

At least for seven days, that is, until the inauguration of President Biden. The Google-owned channel is keeping pace with other social media.

Signal and Telegram messaging apps break download records at the expense of WhatsApp

Messaging no longer knows how to stop the leakage of its subscribers since it has made it compulsory to share their data with Facebook, its parent company. Signal and Telegram, both free and independent, guarantee the utmost confidentiality of exchanges and refuse the sharing of data.


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