2021 Top 10 Credit Card Issuers and Credit Card Amount Rankings Released! Is your card on the list?

In 2021, under the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, domestic and foreign tourism consumption will be hindered, but the amount of spending will still exceed 3 trillion yuan in one fell swoop, reaching 3.1077 trillion yuan, mainly in December with nearly 300 billion yuan. Looking at the performance of individual banks, China Trust has once again won the title of the annual card issuer, while Cathay Pacific has won the annual card swipe king for 7 consecutive years.

The Financial Supervisory Commission announced the latest credit card statistics. In December last year, the transaction amount was 294.9 billion yuan, and the cumulative total for the whole year was 3.1077 trillion yuan, an annual growth of nearly 3%, setting the second highest level in history after 2019. At the same time, the total number of cards in circulation reached 52.63 million, of which the total number of valid cards was about 33.79 million.

Comparing the annual performance of individual banks, Cathay United World Bank won the championship with a total of 504.77 billion yuan in the credit card amount. So far, it has set a record of 7 consecutive dominance, and it is also the only bank in the industry that exceeded the 500 billion yuan mark last year; and China Trust Fighting endlessly with Yushan Bank, Yushan Bank surpassed China Trust for the first time and ranked second in 2021. In 2021, China Trust immediately took back the runner-up with 479.91 billion yuan, and Yushan Bank ranked third, with a total of 452.9 billion yuan for the year.

As for Taishin Bank and Taipei Fubon, they ranked fourth and fifth with 349 billion yuan and 308.6 billion yuan respectively. It is worth noting that the total transaction amount accumulated by the top five in the whole year is 2 trillion and 95.1 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 70% of the total of all banks.

If we look at the number of cards issued throughout the year, China Trust has issued a total of 962,000 new cards, winning the title of “Card Issuing King” of the year again after 2020. Last year, the League of Legends card rights and interests topped the status of many people’s magical cards. Not only Food Panda, Uber Eats and Netflix have high returns, and game fans can save a lot by buying games.

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The second place was closely pursued by Cathay United Kingdom with 939,000 copies, only 23,000 behind China Trust; Taishin Bank with 654,000 copies and Taipei Fubon with 632,000 copies ranked third and fourth respectively, but The number of cards issued has some gaps with the top two; as for the fifth place is Yushan Bank’s 529,000.

The sixth to tenth places are Wing Fung Bank with 267,000, Commonwealth Bank with 248,000, Citibank with 243,000, First Bank with 235,000 and Shin Kong Bank with 139,000. Among them, First Bank is the only public bank listed in the top ten list, and the strategy of attacking digital customers in the past one or two years has been effective. In addition, Shin Kong Bank squeezed into the top ten rankings is also attracting attention.

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