2022-23 Season Team Staff System Notice | Ryukyu Golden Kings

We are pleased to inform you that the team staff system for the 2022-23 season has been decided.
As shown below, the team staff consists of 3 new members and 8 continuous members, for a total of 11 people. We are pleased to inform you that Jō Kurino Assistant Coach and Interpreter and Makoto Higashiyama Assistant Coach and Interpreter have left the Ryukyu Golden Kings.
Thank you for your continued support for the Ryukyu Golden Kings.

Team staff
Dai Oketani Head Coach Dai Oketani (continued)
Takahiro Morishige Assistant Coach Takahiro Morishige (continued)
Atsushi Inagaki Assistant Coach Atsushi Inagaki (new)
Keith Richardson Support Coach Keith Richardson (continued)
Wataru Kochi Video Coordinator Wataru Kochi (continued)
Ridge Koyo Strength & Conditioning Coach Takahiro Unebasami (continued)
Keiji Yamashita Skill Coach Keiji Yamashita (New)
Iku Okamoto Trainer Iku Okamoto (continued)
Shuki Takadai Assistant Trainer Syuki Kodai (continued)
Asuka Endo Manager Asuka Endo (continued)
Higashiizumi Manager Higashi Izumi (new)

Head coach (continued)
Dai Oketani

Date of Birth: December 23, 1977
Birthplace: Kyoto Prefecture
* The contract announcement


Assistant coach (continued)
Takahiro Morishige

Birthplace: Kagoshima Prefecture
Hometown: Kanoya Physical Education University Graduate School
Coach history:
2012-13 Chukyo University Basketball Club Coach
2013- Ryukyu Golden Kings Assistant Coach

Assistant coach (new)
Atsushi Inagaki

Birthplace: Tokyo
Hometown: California State University, Chico
Player history:
2008-09 Saitama Broncos
2009-10 Seattle Zhen Gan
2010-11 Ammerud Basket
2012 Monteporzio basketball
Shizuoka Jim Rats
2013-15 Toyama Grouses
2015-16 Yokohama B-Corsairs
Coach history:
2017-18 Gunma Crane Thunders Assistant Coach
2018-20 Utsunomiya Brex Assistant Coach
2021-22 Nagoya Diamond Dolphins Assistant Coach
2022-Ryukyu Golden Kings Assistant Coach

Support coach (continued)
Keith Richards

Birthplace: North Carolina
Hometown: University of Georgia
Main career:
2006-07 Marine Corps Base Camp Butler Head Coach
2008-17 Ryukyu Golden Kings Assistant Coach
2019-20 Ryukyu Golden Kings Assistant Coach
2021-Ryukyu Golden Kings Support Coach

Video coordinator (continued)
Wataru Kochi

Birthplace: Okinawa Prefecture
Hometown: Kyushu Sangyo University
Main career:
2017-18 Kyoto Hannaryz Manager
2018-21 Ryukyu Golden Kings Manager
2021-22 Ryukyu Golden Kings Assistant Video Coordinator
2022-Ryukyu Golden Kings Video Coordinator

Strength & Conditioning Coach (Continued)
Takahiro Ridge

Birthplace: Yamaguchi Prefecture
Hometown: East Tennessee State University Graduate School
Coach history:
2015-16 North Carolina Tar Heels Men’s Basketball Team Strength & Conditioning Assistant
2017-20 Utsunomiya Brex Strength & Conditioning Coach
2020- Ryukyu Golden Kings Strength & Conditioning Coach

Skill coach (new)
Keiji Yamashita

Birthplace: Osaka Prefecture
Hometown: Niigata University of Management
Coach history:
2014-15 Assistant Coach, Niigata University of Management
2015 HOS businessman basketball club skill coach (assistant)
2017 HOS businessman basketball club head coach
HOS Basketball School Coach
2021-22 Osaka Evessa Skill Coach
2022-Ryukyu Golden Kings Skill Coach

Trainer (continued)
Iku Okamoto

Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture
Hometown: Kanagawa Hygiene Academy
Main career:
2009-10 Toyama Grouses Assistant Trainer
2013 Indiana State University
2014-15 Toyama Grouses Assistant Trainer
2015-19 Toyama Grouses Trainer
2019- Ryukyu Golden Kings Trainer

Assistant trainer (continued)
Gaotai Zhou Xi

Date of Birth: October 14, 1995
Birthplace: Wakayama Prefecture
School of origin: University of Tsukuba Graduate School
Main career:
2016-18 Ryugasaki Daiichi High School Men’s and Women’s Basketball Club Trainer
2018-20 Tsukuba University Men’s Basketball Club Trainer
2020- Ryukyu Golden Kings Assistant Trainer

Manager (continue)
Endo Tomorrow Sho

Date of Birth: September 17, 1998
Birthplace: Niigata Prefecture
Hometown: Toyo University
Main career:
2020-21 Shimane Susanoo Magic Manager and Assistant Interpreter
2021-Ryukyu Golden Kings Manager

Manager (new)
Towa (Izumi Higashi)

Date of Birth: May 20, 1996
Birthplace: Okinawa Prefecture
Hometown: Kyushu Sangyo University
Main career:
2021-22 Head Coach, Men’s Basketball Club, Kyushu Sangyo University
2022-Ryukyu Golden Kings Manager

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