“2023 Maitrank Vintage Celebrations: A Success Story with International Appeal”

2023-05-29 15:20:00

15,000 people celebrated the 2023 maitrank vintage on Saturday and around 7,500 on Sunday: it was a real success for the maitrank celebrations, again this year. Many underline the excellent atmosphere which begins from the start of the procession, with the brass band, the woodruff and the famous barrel of Maitrank.

But what everyone is waiting for is the inauguration of the maitrank fountain in front of the town hall, followed by the distribution of 150 liters of the “divine beverage” offered by the town. “It has a special flavor this yearraves Marielle Flammang, volunteer and former member of the festival organizing committee. There are no more Covid restrictions, all of that is behind us. This is my first year as a volunteer, without being an organizer. We benefit even more. It has a good taste of “come back to it”!”.

Distinguished guests

Among the thousands of people present to taste, with more or less moderation, this wine dear to the people of Arlon, a few personalities from beyond Arelerand came. Representatives of the towns twinned with Arlon: Bitburg in Germany and Alba, Italy. Also, Minister-President Elio Di Rupo appeared on the balcony.

“It’s a recognition that gives pleasure, the grand bailli, Robert Geimer, rejoices. We did not know that the Minister-President was coming. not oWe are very happy to be able to promote the maitrank across Belgium, as we did at the royal palace a few weeks ago.”

International appeal

Even beyond Belgium, many people came from all over Europe. This is the case of Philipp Worms, a young man from Frankfurt: “It’s the first time I’ve come to Arlon, I came on purpose for this party. I like it a lot.” Still others came from Portugal to join friends from Arlon.

But, of course, a large number of natives were there. Some students, in particular, who came to clear their heads in the middle of the blockade: “It feels good in this difficult time for us”, explains Louise Collard. Gérard Goffin, a resident of Bonnert, has not been on blockade for a long time. but came by bike: “I took my helmet, you never know, he said with a laughing eye. Let’s avoid hitting the road again to make the most of the maitrank!”

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