“2023 Microsoft Store Best Apps: Winners Announced for Windows 10 and Windows 11”

2023-05-24 05:31:00

Microsoft has announced the winners of this year’s 2023 Microsoft Store Best Apps. (The picture is taken from the official website of the Microsoft App Store; edited and synthesized)

Among the many applications on the Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems, this year in 2023, it was awarded the best Microsoft Store App of the year with the most practicality, excellent user experience and innovative technology. The latest list of winners It’s out!

In order to commend the developers and teams that provide excellent applications on the Windows platform, Microsoft held an online voting activity for the best applications in the Microsoft Store in early May. Windows users from all over the world participated in the voting activities. This time, a total of five best Windows applications won the highest award. The number of votes stands out.

In addition, the list of winners of the best Windows App of the year recognized by the editorial team of the Microsoft App Store was also announced simultaneously, and a total of five apps were also on the list.

The winners of the 2023 Microsoft Store’s Best App App list are divided into five categories in terms of online voting activities participated by global users, including: practical tools, productivity, audio and video, creativity and personalization. The shortlists for each category are nominated by Windows users. There are a total of more than forty shortlisted applications. The winners of various award lists are announced according to the voting results. There are a total of 5 applications on the list, which are:

Best Utilities: Torrex Microsoft Store Best Apps
Best Productivity Category: Mozilla Firefox
Best Audio Video Category: VLC
Best Creativity Category: Sketchable+
Best Personalization: Lively Wallpaper

The editorial team from the Microsoft App Store, based on user experience satisfaction, programming excellence, and innovation
Creativity, overall software quality and value and other indicators, from which various officially recognized Microsoft Store Best Apps of the Year were selected, including 5 awards including: Creativity, Entertainment, Productivity, Windows and Special Outstanding Contribution, a total of 5 The app won the award.

Special Outstanding Contribution Award Best Application: Ava Accessibility It is an auxiliary application dedicated to providing deaf or hearing-impaired users. Through a friendly and user-friendly intuitive interface, it uses high-accuracy recognition technology to convert voices in video conferences, live videos, and classroom activities into text messages in real time , and the app also supports a custom vocabulary library (such as acronyms, technical terms) that can be edited by clicking on a word.

Best Creative Use: Descript
Best Entertainment App: Amazon Prime Video
Best Productivity App: Concepts
Best Windows Integration App: WhatsApp

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