2024 Presidential and Legislative Elections: Trust in Taiwan, Warm and Good Governance Briefings

2023-08-03 12:13:07

2023/08/03 20:13

The 2024 presidential and legislative elections are approaching. The DPP will hold “Trust in Taiwan, Warm and Good Governance” briefings throughout Taiwan, inviting political officials, party central committee, and campaign spokespersons to personally explain the achievements of the Tsai Ing-wen government and the presidential election Lai Qingde’s vision for the future, the first Saturday in Kaohsiung, led by Mayor Chen Qimai. (Synthesized by this newspaper)

[Reporter Chen Yun/Taipei Report]The 2024 presidential and legislative elections are approaching. Faced with recent frequent attacks from opposition parties, the DPP will hold briefing sessions on “Taiwan Trust, Warm and Good Government” across Taiwan, turning passive into active, inviting Political officials, the Party Central Committee, and campaign spokespersons personally explained the achievements of the Tsai Ing-wen government and the future vision of presidential candidate Lai Qingde. The first session was launched in Kaohsiung this Saturday, led by Mayor Chen Qimai and Minister of Labor Xu Mingchun.

With regard to Qianzhan’s infrastructure construction, it is understood that Lai Qingde mentioned at the Central Committee of the Central Committee that some statements made by the opposition party are unfair to the function of Qianzhan, requiring party legislators and candidates to explain the county and city where they are located, such as underground parking lots The construction of Shuangbei, including Shuangbei, is particularly needed. I hope that everyone will explain it in detail when they go to the grassroots level, so that the public can understand the forward-looking effect.

Party Secretary-General Xu Liming also mentioned that the Blue and White camp is launching a “destructive attack” on the achievements of the ruling party and the administrative team, demanding that the whole party unite and have a holistic counterattack and response, especially the clarification of the forward-looking infrastructure. Not only large-scale rail construction, etc., many are closely related to people’s lives, thanks to the instant explanations by representatives of public opinion in each constituency, so that the public will be more aware, and the performance of the government will be more three-dimensional.

Party insiders pointed out that in response to the distorted attacks of the KMT, the People’s Party, and others, as well as the distorted attacks of people with serious intentions, the DPP will hold briefings on “Taiwan’s Trust, Warm and Good Governance” in each legislative constituency, turning passive into Take the initiative to invite political officials and party and campaign spokespersons to personally explain the achievements of the Tsai Ing-wen government, Lai Qingde’s future governance vision and the “Four Pillars of Peace” proposition.

According to insiders in the party, the first round will be held in Kaohsiung on Saturday, led by Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qimai, and Xu Mingchun will be the first political official to play. The person said that Chen Qimai has been confronting the opposition parties for the future construction. He held a briefing at this time, hoping to attract more people’s attention and explain the relevant construction clearly.

People in the party emphasized that in order to strengthen the public’s understanding and confidence in the DPP’s steady governance and peaceful protection of Taiwan, the DPP took the initiative to attack and dispel false rumors. Therefore, the central party department planned to assist regional legislators nominees to hold Taiwan-wide governance After the vision briefing session, we will continue to follow steady steps to win the support and recognition of the people in each constituency, to truly implement unity and strength, to continue to govern, and to do our best for Taiwan’s progress and development.

The Democratic Progressive Party launched a “warm and good governance” briefing. The first Saturday in Kaohsiung was led by Mayor Chen Qimai. (file photo)

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